Being Right: Another Democrat Doomed to Fail

It comes from a conservative mindset that each individual should be entitled to do what they want with their own money they have earned and that one shouldn’t judge what others do with their money. But, with Michael Bloomberg, a paradox has emerged. Is it fair to say that Bloomberg earned all his billions himself and that he is entitled to do whatever he wants with that money? The reality is that Bloomberg selfishly earned his billions and, like a fish out of water, is flip-flopping on all his issues and ideologies that to consider him as a serious candidate would be best if only to ensure the re-election of President Donald Trump. 

Bloomberg earned his first big break when he was at Salomon Brothers where he eventually made partner. However, he voted for Salomon Brothers to be acquired by Phibro upon the realization that he would be receiving a golden parachute of 10 million dollars which he would eventually use to start his own company. It was from that 10 million dollars that Bloomberg started Bloomberg LP which saw a net worth of 2 Billion dollars within 10 years of leaving Salomon Brothers. So Bloomberg, working on Wall Street, handled money that wasn’t his and selfishly decided to let his company be acquired so that he could start his own company. Although remarkable that Bloomberg was able to convert 10 million dollars into over 50 billion dollars, as well as donating almost 8 billion dollars to charity, the reality is that it was not his money to spend in the first place in buying the Democratic nomination.

There is also anecdotal evidence to suggest that Bloomberg is also truly just a despicable and arrogant person. In 2006, he got a city worker who was working the New York City’s office in Albany fired for playing a game of Solitaire on the computer. Not to mention, as Senator Elizabeth Warren said, he has referred to lesbians as “horse-faced.” Bloomberg also has a racist history of supporting stop-and-frisk, redlining and has also referred to transgender individuals as “it.” If the Democrats want their candidate to be someone who embodies all of these flaws, they will ensure President Trump’s reelection. 

There is also the evident special treatment that Bloomberg has received for his money. New York City has a term limit for Mayor of only two terms. However, this was not an issue for Bloomberg who ran and won a third term for New York City mayor while current mayor and failed Presidential Candidate Bill DeBlasio is not given the chance to run for a third term. 

Not only that, but given Bloomberg’s racist history, it is concerning to see the amount of money he has spent on ads to dispel his racist past. His campaign has put out multiple ads demonstrating how he has been a “champion” for the rights of marginalized groups. Although not true, for those who are being introduced to Bloomberg for the first time through these ads, they have a powerful impact. Bloomberg cannot directly buy votes, but he can buy influence and name recognition which can propel him to winning the nomination. 

The Democratic party, as evidenced by the multiple candidates still in the race with large support, is incredibly fractured. Senator Bernie Sanders is poised to be the eventual nominee but if Bloomberg is allowed to buy pundits, ads and steal the nomination from Sanders, the Democratic party will not be able to coalesce behind Bloomberg to ensure that he would defeat Trump.