Actress Dani Solomon

Dani Solomon didn’t come to Colgate to become an actress. The Rancho Palos Verdes, Cal. native originally got involved with the arts by joining Masque & Triangle and taking classes in the theater department. Now, the physics and theater double concentrator can boast serving as vice president of Masque & Triangle and writing her own play. “I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be a theater major when I got to Colgate, so I got involved with Masque & Triangle student theater, but [Visiting Assistant Professor of English in the University Theater] Simona Giurgea’s Basic Acting class also piqued my interest in University Theater, so I’ve kept one foot in each camp ever since,” Solomon said. Colgate has a relatively unique arts-oriented community in that it is relatively small and close-knit.

“There’s the opportunity to try your hand at every role you could imagine,” Solomon said. “And the students along with the faculty will support you so long as you believe in your idea. Right now I’m directing a play called “Soup” that I’ve written myself. University Theater faculty has been there to advise me at every roadblock I’ve encountered, and I don’t think a bigger school with a bigger department could have given me the same guidance for such a large endeavor.”

In addition to her extensive role in the theatrical arts of campus, Solomon serves as the president of the Physics Club, co-founder and president of the Mantiphondrakes, a Community Leader and a belly dancer in Dancefest every year.

After graduating, Solomon hopes to pursue a career in either playwriting or directing, although she would also like to continue with her first love – acting. To anyone on campus interested in theater, Solomon offers some advice.

“If you are the least bit interested in theater when you arrive at Colgate, just jump in the pool and don’t be shy,” Solomon said. “Do not pass up opportunities to be a part of productions or to make one yourself. When you get into the real world, it will be 10 times more difficult to make the creation of art a main part of your life, so start now, when the theater is literally at your doorstep.”

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