Brothers Enlists Greeks and Athletes for Annual Charity Auction

Brothers held their Bachelor’s Auction to conclude their annual Charity Week last Friday, March 29. The event took place in the Hall of Presidents (HOP) and featured bachelors representing Brothers, the Blue Diamond Society (BDS), Beta Theta Pi, Delta Upsilon, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Chi and Theta Chi, as well as some sports teams. The evening was emceed by seniors Eddy Sihavong and Jonathan Mputu. All of the proceeds for the bachelors from Brothers went to Operation Smile, an organization benefitting children with facial deformities like cleft palate and cleft lip. 10 percent of the funds raised by the bachelors from Greek life and other groups will be donated to their favorite charity.

The event was well-attended and the crowd was filled with friends of the bachelors and girls hoping to bid high enough to win a date with one of the charming available collegiate men. Each bachelor had a biography projected on a screen onstage with a summary of his interests, involvement on campus and ideal date. Bachelors were auctioned individually, in pairs and in groups of three. From the outset, bidding consistently garnered upwards of forty dollars per bachelor. The bidding of Theta Chi brothers, senior Andrew McCormick and junior James Speight, saw a spike in auction value, however. After a tasteful strip tease and a series of push-ups showing off their athletic capabilities, they were auctioned off for $105 – a record high for the night. Later, junior Pat Moore and sophomore Matt McMullen, both players for the Colgate men’s basketball team, topped their high bid by 10 dollars and generously performed a lap dance for their bidder on stage.

Not all the bachelors relied on their physique. Some chose to let their biographies and their approachable, friendly demeanor speak for itself. Phi Delta Theta junior Micky Silverman raised the most money for charity by garnering the highest bid of the night, $155, without taking off any articles of clothing.

For many bachelors it seemed a question of whether showing off their bodies would improve their fundraising. The audience seemed to enjoy all presentations regardless of whether or not clothing removal occurred. The atmosphere was conducive and supportive to all the bachelors who bravely chose to sell themselves for charity.

Many of the bachelors relied on their talents to help them raise as much money as possible for charity. Several chose to sing and play instruments while others used their physique to impress the audience. Sophomore Jake Roth performed a gymnastics routine across the stage to show off his strength and talent while other bachelors chose to win over the audience with their intellect. Senior Will Hazzard spoke several sentences in French instructing the audience to “acheter moi” – simply put, to buy him.

The proceeds all benefit great causes and this night proved itself to be a popular and well-attended annual event that provides laughs and entertainment to the audience and participants, as well. The lucky high bidders won a date with their bachelor – some date suggestions ranged from dinner at the Colgate Inn to a classy night at the Old Stone Jug.

This year was the first time Brothers chose to collaborate with other campus organizations. The addition of these bachelors undoubtedly drew more attention to the event and helped increase both attendance and total dollar amounts raised.