MTV’s Nikki Glaser Ignites Golden Auditorium with Crude Humor

“I was in a sorority for a while … before I realized that I didn’t want to pay for friends,” comedian Nikki Glaser said.

I don’t normally watch MTV, but after Glaser’s comedic performance, courtesy of Colgate Activities Board (CAB) Comedy, I think I might have to start watching. Glaser was highly inappropriate and all-around dirty, but with her tongue-in-cheek responses and witty discussion topics, she kept the audience laughing the entire show.

Glaser’s career began while she was still in college, when she was an actress on season four of “Last Comic Standing.” She currently resides in New York City, where she co-hosts the popular comedy podcast “You Had to Be There” with Sara Schaefer. The two started their own late-night talk show on MTV this past January, called “The Nikki and Sara Show,” which airs at 11 p.m. on Tuesday nights.

After starting off with a classic joke about the need for a bigger auditorium – there were less than 30 people in Golden Auditorium, which can seat about 150 people – Glaser continued to discuss many different topics, ranging from relationships and alcohol to cell phones and being poor. She spent much of the event discussing topics which are not really appropriate to include in the school newspaper, most of which centered on unhelpful and tasteless relationship advice.

“I dated a vegan white rapper once,” Glaser said. “Yeah, I don’t even need a punch line for that.”

Although she was speaking mostly from the center of the stage, much of the show was interactive. She was constantly talking to the audience members, even having full-on conversations with a few of them. Glaser particularly picked on the men in the audience – after all, there were only about five of them – affectionately referring to one as “John Mayer,” saying that he looked and sounded like the acclaimed singer, another as “Vest” for the green vest he was sporting and a third boy, who was someone’s younger brother and to whom Glaser referred every time she spoke about middle or high school students.

One of the relatively more appropriate topics she talked about during the show was smoking pot. She made several cracks about herself and her friends, particularly how they used to discuss smoking pot using the term “knitting sweaters” when they were much younger, thinking that nobody would guess its meaning.

Another topic Glaser discussed at the end of the show was how easily iPhones break. She made a quick remark about the way that people always immediately make comments about cracked iPhone screens; it is as if they are shouting “you’re poor” for not replacing the phone as soon as it breaks. She also equated it to the types of cars people drive, stating how similar it is to someone who points out to their friend’s face that they are driving a broken down car and thus are probably poor.

“Alcoholism runs in my family,” Glaser said. “Well, it doesn’t run so much as it stumbles.”

Despite her used of some less-than-tasteful discussion topics, Glaser proved to be witty and hilarious. For those looking to catch her on television, check out the first season of “The Nikki and Sara Show,” which ends on April 16, for more impressive humor.