Village to Repave Lebanon Street this Summer

This summer, the Village of Hamilton is planning to reconstruct Lebanon Street from its intersection with West Kendrick Avenue south to the village boundary.

According to Village Administrator Sean Graham, Lebanon Street may also be repaved from West Kendrick Avenue north to downtown Hamilton’s main traffic light if the budget allows. However, the focus for this summer will be on the southern portion of Lebanon Street that is currently “deteriorated well beyond a basic fix.”  The estimated 90 day project will start in early July and is not expected to affect any Colgate property.

The most severe issue currently facing Lebanon Street is water that has nowhere to drain after a major storm. The water causes the material below the pavement to move, which breaks up the asphalt. The majority of the work taking place this summer will focus on this issue.

“With grade changes to the street, and the installation of storm water catch basins, we hope to have a much better, and long lasting travel surface. It also has to do with financing too,” Graham said.

Funding for this project will be provided through bonding by the Village of Hamilton, as opposed to the Town of Hamilton, which is larger and encompasses the Villages of Hamilton and Earlville, as well as the hamlets of Poolville, Hubbardsville and East Hamilton. Madison County will  not be involved in funding this project, although New York state will provide funds through its Safe Route To School grant. This will allow a sidewalk to be built as part of the project to make the Hamilton Central School more easily accessible to pedestrians.

While there are currently no other road construction projects planned for the Village of Hamilton in the near future, the village has recently become a Municipal Gas Utility. A major gas project is currently being planned for the spring and summer of 2014.