New Athletic Facility Approved

Colgate’s Board of Trustees approved a plan to construct a new athletic facility that will replace the aging Starr Rink. Rebekah Ward reported the new building will house the men’s and women’s ice hockey, lacrosse and soccer programs. The facility will have a 2,000 seat hockey arena and provide locker rooms and coaches’ offices. The vacated space in Reid Athletics Center will be repurposed for other sports and activities.

According to Vice President for Finance and Administration David Hale, the Advancement Office has been working extraordinarily hard for the last 15 months to get donations for the building to the $20 million mark. At the time of the article’s reporting, around $20.8 million has been fundraised for the project, yet, the overall cost of construction is expected to exceed $37.8 million. Colgate is planning on meeting with an architectural firm once the $25 million mark is reached. From there, the athletic facility is expected to take an estimated two years to construct.