Talented Artists Perform in Broad Street Records Showcase

11 artists shared their talents with a crowd of Colgate students at the Barge Canal Coffee Co. on Saturday, March 23, as part of the Broad Street Records Showcase. Senior McLain Roth started things off with a cover of a Lighthouse song followed by an original song, “Savior,” which was memorable for its intensity and Roth’s engaging voice. He was followed by one of Broad Street Record’s most well-known performers, senior Caitlin Grossjung. She sang two beautiful original songs in a soft, dreamy voice with closed eyes and impressed the audience with her commitment to the music.

First-year Theo Salem-Mackall followed with two original songs, “Minneapolis ’96” and “Christians Grow Like Cancers.” His lyrics were very conversational and it felt like he was really telling a story with his music. Two first-years, JK Ruymann and Kendra Peeples, were next in the line-up. Ruymann was the first to perform, with piano instead of guitar, and he played an uplifting original song followed by a slower cover of “Clarity” by Zedd. Peeples chose to cover “Merry Go ‘Round” by Kacey Musgraves, a soft song about small town life that she felt she could relate to.

First-year Quincy Pierce was unique among the performers, as she was the only one to accompany her songs with ukulele. She performed two covers, one of an Ingrid Michaelson song and one of a Relient K song, both of which sounded sweet and whimsical with the addition of her fun four-stringed instrument. First-year Felix Taube came next and began his act with the reading of a poem about old coat hooks before moving to the piano to perform his two songs. His voice was nicely complemented by the tone of the piano and his second song, which included the lyrics “I will not forget how we flew,” was particularly moving.

That concluded the solo acts for the evening and the rest of the performances were collaborations between multiple people. Juniors Aaron Tobert on electric guitar and Pablo Sasso on drums provided a welcome break from the quiet coffee shop music with faster rhythms and an overall louder sound. Seniors Ben Diamond and Chris Butler then performed an original song in the form of a guitar duo, which had a soothing mellow sound and well-balanced harmonies. After their cover of “Thirteen” by Big Star, the next band took the stage.

No Standards was by far the most unique act of the night: a jazz quintet featuring drums, piano, electric guitar, trumpet and saxophone. Their set blew the roof off of the Barge and included their rendition of the classic jazz song “Summertime,” in which they were joined by soloist Caitlin Grossjung. The most memorable moment of the night was witnessing a band member play two saxophones at once, a truly remarkable feat. Unhinged Gates was the last band of the night to perform and their alternative rock sound excited the audience and finished the showcase on a good note. They played a song about a man who sold his soul to the devil and another titled “Sphinx.” The variety of the musical acts and the level of talent exhibited made it a truly unforgettable night.