“Burning Love” – A Must-See Spoof of “The Bachelor”

If you’re wondering what to watch now that “The Bachelor” reached its finale last week, you’re in luck. Ben Stiller’s scripted spoof of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series, “Burning Love,” which started as a web series, now airs every Monday on E! at 10 p.m.. Whether you love the Bachelor and take it seriously or hate it and love to make fun of it, Stiller’s series is highly enjoyable, featuring actors such as Stiller himself, Christine Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, Kristen Bell, Adam Brody and Michael Cera.

In case you missed it, last Wednesday Sean Lowe proposed to Catherine Guidici in a tearful, dramatic ending to this season of “The Bachelor.”

“I think the world of you and I miss you every time we have to say goodbye. I don’t want to say goodbye anymore,” Sean told her. “Catherine, I want to spend the rest of my life telling you I love you and making you feel like the most special, beautiful woman in the world.”

Moments like this can’t help but make audiences either swoon or laugh (but mostly laugh). These ridiculously unrealistic and cheesy quotes, besides being hilarious, mock the general concept that one can find true love through a reality television show when their partner is simultaneously dating several other people.

The season of “Burning Love” currently airing features bachelor Mark Orlando, a hunky fireman played by Ken Marino.

“Mark Orlando is used to feeling the heat of fire, but now he’s looking for someone to ignite the flames of love,” says the narrator who introduces Mark.

Among the women seeking Mark’s love include an “exotic” ballerina, a homeless woman, a sex addict, a devout Christian, a lesbian and a pregnant woman. Stiller is not afraid to go after any and every offensive stereotype in a playful way, which makes the series a sort of combination between “The Bachelor” and “The Office.”

Jennifer Aniston plays Dana, a character who wears a full panda suit, because she wants Mark to get to know the “real her” before he sees what she looks like. Here Stiller spoofs “The Bachelorette” season 7 contestant Jeff Medolla, who infamously wore a mask for the same reason. It is a bit scary how much this parody is like the actual show, and for that reason is hilarious. Mark’s lines reflect the highly sensitive men on these shows, and it’s the similarities between these real and scripted men that make audiences laugh. Marino discussed his character and the show with Manny the Movie Guy.

“You don’t have to do much, you just have to amp it up a little bit and make it slightly more absurd than it already is. It oozes romance,” Marino said sarcastically.

Although it may not necessarily be the highest quality of television, if you waste your time watching “The Bachelor,” you might as well check out “Burning Love.” It started as a web series, so it is available online, and the episodes are only a half hour long – perfect for a study break. You are guaranteed to find yourself laughing at these characters the whole episode through, and quite possibly laughing at yourself for ever being invested in a show like “The Bachelor” in the first place.