Broad Street Records Releases 2012-2013 CD

Broad Street Records (BSR) hosted a party last Friday, February 15 at The Barge Canal Coffee Co. to celebrate the release of their newest CD “Broad Street Records Volume II.” This CD contains brand-new songs from musicians who are part of BSR from the 2012 to 2013 school year. The release party consisted of some wonderful music alongside free cookies and CDs, all in the wonderful atmosphere of the Barge.

The evening began with a performance by singer and guitarist senior Mclain Roth, who sang several soft and sweet songs. Roth has one song, “Savior,” on BSR’s new CD. His beautiful voice and comfortable nature on stage were a great way to start off the evening.

Next up was the exciting duo of seniors Hayley Fager and Natty Goehring, who made their first live appearance on stage during this event. Goehring strummed on the guitar while Fager sang; the highlight of their performance was definitely Fager’s interesting lyrics, which she appeared to be reading from a journal, coupled with her carefree and relaxed dancing. While the two are not featured on the new BSR CD, their performance will definitely be remembered for their surprising lyrics and distinct air of relaxed improvisation.

The third person to take the stage was first-year Quincy Pierce. Pierce was brilliant with her ukulele and voice, both of which resonated beautifully throughout the Barge. Her performance consisted of two songs: “Stay Just a Little” by Kina Grannis, as well as an original creation of her own. As a first-year member of Broad Street Records, she was quite thrilled to be able to play at the release party.

“The Broad Street Records CD release party at the Barge was a great event with a really warm and welcoming atmosphere,” Pierce said. “I’m glad I could play there, since I’m really new to performing. Broad Street Records is a great place for musicians to start projects.”

The next two performances were by senior Caitlin Grossjung, followed by senior Corin Kinkhabwala. Both musicians are featured on BSR’s new CD, on which Grossjung has two songs, called “Caverns” and “The Writer’s Wife,” while Kinkhabwala has one song, “Bumble Bee”.

The final performance of the evening was by the jazz band No Standards. The group consists of five musicians: first-year Dylan Giustra on the saxophone, junior Billy Krebsbach on the trumpet, first-year James Carino on the piano, junior Zach Dunn on the bass and first-year Connor Dufort on the drums. Their performance was a lively and remarkable end to a wonderful

evening of great music.

Several other artists and groups on BSR’s new CD that were not at the Barge performance include The All-About, Dylan Giustra & The Funky Nine, senior Chris Butler, Shav and Mentos, junior Sarah Collins and Body Electric. Check out “Broad Street Records Volume II” for recorded songs by these delightful musicians.