Athlete Spotlight:

Athlete Spotlight:

Why Murphy? He has made a huge impact during his first year playing for the Raiders. He continually scores in the double-digits, including in their big win against the Lehigh Mountain Hawks this past weekend.

Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario

Concentration: Economics

MN: As a transfer student, how has your transition to the new team been?

MB: Since transferring from the University of Maine, my transition to Colgate has been very easy-going. People on both the academic and athletic side have really helped me feel at home and I have been very pleased with my decision to come here.

MN: How does it feel to have had so many double-digit

scoring games?

MB: Without the help of my coaches and teammates, I would not have been able to score like I have this year. Sitting out last year and working with the coaches every day has really helped me develop my game. Furthermore, my team has been able to make plays to put me in easier scoring positions and really deserves most of the credit.

MN: What do you think will be the team’s biggest challenge for the remainder of the season?

MB: I believe our biggest

challenge for the rest of the season will be to keep our momentum going and try to secure a home playoff game by being a top-four seed come the end of

regular season.

MN: How are you preparing for its last few games of the season?

MB: We are preparing for these last few games by staying hungry and continuing to work hard every day. We try to treat every game like it is the most

important of the season.

MN: What has been your proudest moment of the season thus far?

MB: My proudest moment of the season was in our recent win against Lehigh who was the No. 1 seed in our conference at the time. We had a huge lead at half but Lehigh was able to tie the game with about three minutes left. With the momentum against us, I was happy to see us play strong down the stretch to regain

Interview by Annie Schein