Ice Hockey Team Rallies Around Sophomore Starter

Ice Hockey Team Rallies Around Sophomore Starter

The men’s hockey team will be missing sophomore Spiro Goulakos this semester. Goulakos was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which was dicsovered during a routine check up with his family doctor over the holidays. His team of doctors at home and at Colgate have decided Spiro will be able to continue taking classes at Colgate as long as he is feeling well enough. He will be attending classes and going home to Montreal every other weekend for treatment.

While he will remain on campus for the time being, he will  be missing from Starr Rink for the rest of the semester.

“Spiro is a huge part of this team both on and off the ice. His absence on the ice was felt immediately since he played in all situations – power plays, penalty kills, late game minutes, etc. – but his presence away from the rink will also be missed since he is a developing leader on this team,” men’s hockey head coach Don Vaughan said.

The team is incredibly tight knit, spending their time together on and off the ice. As such, this blow has hit them hard – removing a starting team member and friend has been difficult for them all. Still, the team is trying to keep a hopeful attitude.

“This is tough to handle but it’s giving us motivation and think we can do big things the rest of the season,” first-year Kevin Lough said.

“Well, we can’t win a game without him,” first-year Darcy Murphy said to a chorus laughs and shouts from his teammates. This joke holds a kernel of truth: since Spiro’s absence, the team has had two tough losses. Spiro continued to play for the first few games of the spring semester despite his diagnosis. Goulakos felt well enough to play and did not want to leave his team.

“He is one of the most determined and dedicated student athletes I have ever coached but his decision to continue to play says more about the love and respect he has for his teammates. He just wanted to help the team in any way he could. It was a very

special time,” Vaughan said.

Since Goulakos, a starter, is no longer playing, the roster has seen some serious shake-ups. “It’s not easy, but I think a lot of the younger guys have stepped up. Obviously [Goulakos] is a big part of [the team], but this gives opportunity to the freshmen,”

first-year Kyle Baun said.

“He’s a big part of our team, that’s for sure,” Murphy said. Luckily, Goulakos’s diagnosis is hopeful and the Coach and team alike are awaiting his

return next fall.

“We look forward to next fall and having number six back on the ice where he

belongs,” Vaughan said.

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