Share Your Voice

Politics is a tricky topic, especially among friends. You don’t want to alter your re-lationships with them if they don’t necessarily agree with you, so most of us avoid it. I’ve done it too.

When people start talking about their opinions on Obama or Romney, I tend to be the quiet one in the corner not talking. But the truth is, politics matter.

I’m not asking you to defriend anyone who isn’t voting for the same candidate that you are, but it is important to discuss these issues.

I think a major problem with our society is that people have an opinion and aren’t willing to discuss it with those who disagree with them. The Presidential Debates show this extremely well.

But we all have a liberal arts background and spend many classes having intense discussions, and we don’t always agree. We all have taken CORE classes and learned about the benefits of discussion.

The thing about the debates is that they aren’t a discussion. I would love to see Obama and Romney sit down and discuss the issues as opposed to arguing in front of millions of people.

But as Colgate students, we owe it to ourselves to voice our opinions. Even if it is just at a Coop table at lunch, or walking to class, or even heading downtown, being able to see the other side’s opinions is a great way to increase our own understanding of the world.

Everyone has different priorities for this election, and it is important to voice them. For all you know, a discussion with your friends could influence them to change their vote, or yours.

This election will have an effect on us, and it would be foolish to pretend that we are in this “bubble” and therefore do not need to worry about it.

Mitt Romney has said that if he takes office, he will undo Obamacare on day one. If President Obama is re-elected, he will continue with his plan. As a Colgate student, you are required to have some form of health care on your own, or else go with the school’s plan.

Think about what your health care plan has done for you, and how you have ben-efited. Also, think about how much health care costs, because if Obamacare passes, taxpayers will be footing the bill. I am not saying that this is a good or bad thing, but these are things to think about.

There are still many countries out there where women cannot vote, no one can vote or even where the election is rigged. Take pride in being an American, and whether you want to vote Obama or Romney, vote. Be active; show your pride in your citizen-ship. It is an honor that many have died for, fought for and continue to do so. Take responsibility for how you want your country to act, because if you don’t someone else will do it for you.

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