Men’s Soccer Clinches Victory in Overtime

The men’s soccer team capped its regular season play with a thrilling finish against Navy. The Raiders won 3-2 in double overtime.

Navy was able to maintain con- trol of the ball throughout most of the first half and took advantage of many scoring opportunities. In the 23rd minute, Navy first-year de- fenseman Derek Vogel was able to elude the Raider defense and passed the ball to Navy sophomore for- ward Joseph Greenspan. Greenspan was then able to chip it into the goal giving Navy a quick 1-0 lead.

The 1-0 deficit provided the Raiders with the spark they seemed to be lacking. The Raider offense started to maintain ef- fective command of the ball and mustered some scoring opportu- nities. However, the Navy defense was able to prevent any goals, maintaining the 1-0 lead through- out the first half.

The Raiders opened the sec- ond half with a fiery offensive and defensive effort, fighting to eliminate the 1-0 deficit. Senior midfielder Mike Reidy helped lead this charge firing a shot in the opening minutes of the sec- ond half. However, Navy junior goalkeeper Gavin Snyder blocked Reidy’s shot.

That didn’t deter the Raider attack as the offense continued to find scoring opportunities. A free

kick allowed the Raider offense to eliminate the 1-0 deficit. In the 53rd minute, Colgate senior midfielder Mike Garzi was able to take advantage of the scoring op- portunity and fired a shot into the goal. He secured possession and launched a shot after the free kick was deflected.

With the game tied 1-1, the two teams battled furiously to earn the lead. Navy almost scored, as Vogel flew past the Raiders defense and fired a shot. Before sophomore goalkeeper Liam Stapleton could attempt to save the shot, junior midfielder Nick Arpey deflected it, avoiding a dire 2-1 deficit.

Navy continued its offensive attack as first-year forward Jamie Dubyoski scored in the 85th min- ute. Navy sophomore midfielder Grant Valenstein was able to connect with Dubyoski and gave Dubyoski an opportunity to elude the Colgate defense and fire a goal past Stapleton.

Colgate responded quickly, de- termined not to let the game slide away to a loss. With only a min- ute left in the second half, Colgate found an opportunity to tie the game. Stapleton was able to take advantage of a free kick and fired the ball into the box allowing the Raiders an opportunity to score. First-year forward Tyler Forbes was able to secure the ball and fired it past Snyder tying the game 2-2, forcing overtime.

In overtime, Navy had a strong first opportunity to score, as Va- lenstein was able to elude the Raider defense and fire a shot only a couple of feet away from Staple- ton. But Stapleton prevented the goal, keeping the game tied 2-2. Stapleton’s monumental save gave the Raiders a chance to score and win the game.

Colgate senior defenseman Wade Martin was able to pass the ball to the middle giving first-year midfielder Ryan Groffie an op- portunity to score with only two minutes remaining in overtime.

Groffie fired a shot past Snyder se- curing the 3-1 win for the Raiders in their final regular season game. The goal was Groffie’s first career collegiate goal.

The win gives the Raiders the number three seed in the up- coming Patriot League tourna- ment. This victory should pro- vide the Raiders the momentum they need to battle number two seed Lafayette on Friday at host American University.