Jamnesty 2012

For the first time ever, Amnesty International hosted what will now be their annual Jamnesty benefit concert. This time covering Bob Dylan songs, the concert was hosted on Sat-urday, November 10, sponsored by Amnesty International, Broad Street Records, Philanthropists at Colgate (PAC, whose house the event was held at) and Peace and Conflict Studies Department. The “Bob Dylan Cover Concert to Pro-mote Peace,” as the event was subtitled, featured musical tal-ent from many members of Broad Street Records as well as other Colgate students and their bands, or merely one-night collaborations between friends and fellow musicians.

The event drew a large crowd as students, faculty and residents of Hamilton filed in and out of the dining room-turned cozy concert hall of 110 Broad Street. Free Indian and Chinese food and t-shirts were also offered, with suggested donations taken at the door, alongside several petitions – all of which were filled with signatures by the night’s end.

Not only was the turnout great, the performances made the night. Each solo artist, duet and band brought their own unique interpretation to Dylan’s music while lending a certain coffee shop atmosphere to the night. Familiar faces from Broad Street Records, as well as members of a cappella groups and regulars of the Barge Canal Coffee Co.’s Open Mic Nights, performed for roughly two hours. Between sets, president of Amnesty International junior Simone Schenkel addressed the crowd with facts and gratitude at the success of the event.

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