Athlete Spotlight: Gavin Mccarney ’14 Football

Belle Stepien

Hometown: Jefferson Township, New Jersey

Concentration: Sociology/Anthropoly

Why Gavin? Quarterback Gavin McCarney helped lead his team to a huge at-home win and earned record breaking yardage in the game. He threw a total of 224 yards for two touchdowns.

1. How does it feel to win big in front of a home crowd? Having all the fans there supporting you really gives you that extra drive to perform well. It was great to get the win, especially it being a league game.

2. What’s it like to only be a junior and play such a big role on your team? How do you imagine your role as a leader changing when you’re a senior? Being a junior has allowed for me to take a leadership role. As a sophomore, I was a little hesitant to speak up to the team, but now that I am a junior and have a whole year of experience under my belt I feel that I can be one of the guys the younger players look up to. I don’t see my role changing too much next year as a senior. I feel that I show leadership qualities now and that I will carry them over for next year.

3. Congratulations on your huge victory and record breaking yardage in last week’s game. What does success like this do to your mentality?

Last weekend’s success was great and really showed our team how good we can be. It gives us a lot more confidence in how we prepare for teams.

4. How do you plan to keep this momentum going through the rest of the season? We plan to keep doing what we have been doing for the rest of the season. We prepare hard in practice and it shows on the field.

6. What do you expect your greatest upcoming challenge to be? Our greatest upcoming challenge is going to be Bucknell. They are our next opponent and we are not looking past them. They have a great defense and we know they will play us tough.