The Fever

If an antelope kissed a jack in the box, then a car would drive away with the zebras. If a car drives away with the zebras, then the hummer will be golden tonight. If the hummer is golden tonight, then Clarissa will howl at the moon until dawn. If dawn approaches early, Clarissa will turn into a dragon. If she turns into a dragon, Zach, the oak tree will need to conquer her. If Zach fails to perform his duties, then Clarissa will eat him in the naughty way. If Clarissa does this act, the high priest will hunt her down. If the high priest catches her, he will make her drink holy water spiked with the old testament. If, by some chance, he accidently puts in the new testament too, Clarissa will have a break down and vomit her lunch again. If the vomit smells, there will be no school for a week. TJ rolled in his bed. No, I’m not going to school today, he thought coherently.