Tech Tips



Microsoft One Note makes taking notes on your laptop an easy and enjoyable process. It eliminates all the annoyances that occur when taking notes using a word processor like Word. One Note allows you to draw directly on the page or type anywhere on the canvas without annoying formatting. Record audio and One Note will index it with the notes you take like a smartpen. It will even allow you to search the recorded audio for words and phrases. One Note is one of the most powerful note-taking applications available. If you have Microsoft Word and Excel already installed on your computer, One Note will probably be there too. If you need help with any of the features, search for One Note on

In the library and find that your phone is dead? A quick charge is not as far away as you think. Check out the Cell Phone Charging Station in the Cafe. This high-powered charger claims to charge your phone in 15 minutes and has connectors for nearly any kind of device.

Need help with that graph or function in Excel? Check out’s Mi-crosoft Excel tutorial. Suited for all levels, look up a simple question or find out how to create macro. You can search the tutorials for any problem you may have. For example, if you are having a hard time creating a trend line in your graph, search “trend line” and will show you a short segment on how to create and manipulate them. Log into via the Colgate Portal. Then search “Excel” or follow this link essential-training/61219-2.html

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