Juggler Wins First Prize at Colgate’s Got Talent

Colgate hosted the first annual Colgate’s Got Talent at the Palace Theater in downtown Hamilton on Thursday, November 15. The event, hosted by the Colgate Activities Board (CAB), offered a $500 prize for the winner of the show. The event was even catered, providing a meal for both participants and for the audience.

The show featured many talented students that live on Colgate’s campus. The panel of judges included Co-President of CAB senior Charlotte Myers, Treasurer of the Student Government Association senior Jake Caldwell and President of CAB senior Markie Cohen. The hosts for the evening, junior Ally Macey and senior Chiby Achuko, two well-known faces around campus, kept the in-between acts lively and fun with jokes and stories. Colgate’s Got Talent included many acts, ranging from singing and dancing to juggling and magic tricks.

The first place winner was junior RJ Szuba, who expertly juggled not three, but five hoops. It appeared as though Szuba’s limbs were made of liquid and the way the hoops moved made it seem they were attached to strings. Szuba, a self-taught juggler, has been practicing for seven years.

Second place was given to senior Caitlin McGonagle. She performed a stunning rendition of Bon Iver’s song, “Skinny Love.” McGonagle played both the guitar and sang, displaying true talent. Her unique voice filled the theater, creating an awed hush as the audience was treated to a wonderful vocal performance.

Last, but definitely not least, the third place winners were a dynamic sibling duo, senior Avery Atkins and sophomore Trevor Atkins, dressed in Southern costumes. They danced to a classic country tune. Their moves were impressive and included flips, dips and intricate footwork. Their $100 prize was definitely well awarded.

“It’s more about winning the show than winning the money,” said Szuba of his $500 prize. In fact, Szuba will be donating the money to the Hamilton Center for the Arts to enable them to purchase juggling equipment.

“We were very pleased with the acts. Each of them far exceeded our expectations and it was very difficult to come to a conclusion,” senior Rachel Simon, a member of CAB, said.

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