Local and Student Acts Grace The Barge

The Barge Canal Coffee Co. was filled with an attentive audience of Colgate stu-dents and Hamilton locals Saturday, November 3. Singer Joseph Mettler of Rabbit in the Rye and senior Caitlin Grossjung of Woe the While, with accompaniment by junior Sarah Collins, each played full sets of original and cover songs. For two hours, the the two groups and the singer-songwriter lit up the downtown coffee shop with a mix of love songs, acoustic ballads and folk orchestrations of classic rock.

The night was a medley of three separate acts that provided both original and cover songs to an enthusiastic crowd. Grossjung, who is the president of Broad Street Records and the vice-president of the Colgate Arts Initiative, began the night with an original song, “The Resistance,” a somber song that plays off her delicate yet powerful voice. Collins, who is also a member of Broad Street Records, provided an infusion of string accompaniment that proved to be a thought provoking addition to the trio’s range of folk melodies.

“The inspiration for my music really comes from anywhere,” Grossjung said of her lyrics. “Sometimes they’re stories that just come about when I find a riff I like on guitar. Much of anything I write comes from everyday things I experience. The lyrics are usually subtle and less straightforward, but I think songs mean different things to everyone.”

Grossjung’s spirit is clearly that of a singer-songwriter, both in the way she carries herself onstage and off.

“To you, my songs might mean something different, but that doesn’t mean its wrong. They’re up for interpretation. I love that about writing.”

Mettler came onstage afterward, accompanied by the rest of his band Rabbit in the Rye, bassist Alex Lavon and drummer Brendan O’Connor, with his own set and flavor. The self-described progressive folk rock band, founded by Mettler in 2010 as a small folk project, played for a solid 45 minutes. Their set was entertaining while remaining emotional, with poetic lyrics and melodic guitar riffs.

After the show, Grossjung shared her gratitude for the successful evening.

“A big thanks to Joe Mettler and Sarah Collins for working so hard with me on my songs. The show would not have been the same without them,” she said.

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