Sports Spotlight:

Sport: Football

Hometown: Verona, New Jersey

Concentration: International Relations

Why Chris? Chris, a senior wide receiver, had his first touchdown of the season against South Dakota.

1. How did it feel to score your first touchdown of your last season at Colgate?

It felt good at the time because it put us ahead, but afterwards we knew as a team we had left a lot of plays out there, so it was frustrating knowing we lost and could have played better.

2. What has one of your best memories been throughout your football career at Colgate?

My best memory at Colgate was beating Albany last year in the opener and rushing the field when Nate got into the end zone. That was incredible.

3. As a wide receiver, how important is your relationship with your quarterback?

Its incredibly important to have a good relationship with Gavin. All the wide outs need to know exactly what he is looking for on each play and against any coverage we see so that we know exactly where to be and so the timing can be perfect.

4. You lost your first two games of the season, how do you and your teammates stay motivated to keep improving and looking forward?

We knew that we did not play as well as we could have during those first two games. Coach Biddle always tells us that the only team that can beat Colgate is Colgate, and its a very valid point. We just keep focusing on our game, getting better as a team. I think you need a lot less motivation when you lose because everyone is just sick of it and wants to win even more badly.

5. How does it feel having your first win be at home? Does playing in front of your friends and classmates change your mind set?

It felt unbelievably great to get our first win, especially since we dropped the first two away from Hamilton. I don’t really think playing in front of friends and family makes that much of a difference in regards to our mindset. I think we were just overdue to get a win this week.

6. The team had a great second half, after having such a close first half. What did you do differently to make that happen?

I think we just clicked in the second half, we made less mistakes and just came together as a team. The defense played out of their minds and a few big plays, like the fourth down stop and Jimmy DeCicco’s long run really gave us a ton of momentum.