Alumna Writes Nixon Biography

Eliza Graham

Monica Crowley ’90 is a prominent Re-publican political analyst who is featured frequently on television and radio. Crow-ley is also the author of three books, two of which are biographies of former Presi-dent Richard Nixon, for whom she served as a Foreign Policy Assistant from 1990 to 1994. Crowley had corresponded with President Nixon while earning her Ph.D. at Columbia University, leading to his of-fering her a job as a research assistant. Crowley quickly earned respect and was promoted to Foreign Policy Assistant. Ad-ditionally, Crowley advised Nixon on his last two books.

During the mid 1990s, Crowley wrote a column for the New York Post. She has writ-ten for the “Wall Street Journal,” the “New Yorker,” the “LA Times,” and the “Baltimore Sun.” At this time, Crowley also served as a commentator on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition”. Crowley was featured as a guest on major TV networks such as ABC, CBS and NBC, until she began working as a political analyst for the Fox News Channel upon their launch in 1996. In 2002, she be-gan hosting her own radio show, “The Moni-ca Crowley Show,” on WABC Radio in New York. “The Monica Crowley Show” went national in 2006 with Westwood One Radio network. In 2005 Crowley became a politi-cal analyst at MSNBC and began co-hosting “Connected: Coast to Coast” with Ron Rea-gan, son of former President Ronald Reagan. She remains a political analyst for Fox News and is featured regularly on various programs.

Crowley’s first book, “Nixon Off the Re-cord: His Candid Commentary on People,” was published in 1996. “Nixon in Winter” was pub-lished in 1998. These two works are accounts of Nixon’s last years that reflect Crowley’s close relationship with the former President through reflections from diaries she kept in the years she worked for him. In “Nixon Off the Record,” Crowley gives her readers insight into Nixon’s opinions on the 1992 Presidential election, as well as his views on leadership. In “Nixon in Winter,” Crowley records Nixon’s thoughts on the American public’s response to Clinton’s sex scandal and President George H.W. Bush, as well as a defense of his policy during the Viet-nam War. Crowley published her latest book “What the (Bleep) Just Happened?,” in June 2012. It is a vehement criticism Obama’s first term as president. Crowley will be visiting Col-gate late in October in anticipation of the 2012 Presidential election.

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