Questions on the Quad:

Quincey Spagnoletti

What is your connection with Colgate University alumni?

“During my sum-mer internship at True Action Network, I worked alongside six Colgate alums.”

-Dan Saita ’13

“This summer I worked with Allie Bodack ’10 and Tiffany McKenna ’00 at Norton, Thames and Hudson Publishing. They were extremely help-ful and I continue to stay in touch with them.”

-Katie Schoder ’13

“Michelle Vatalero graduated within the last six years. She is in graduate school now at Johns Hopkins University studying public health. She had a huge impact in help-ing me decide to come to Colgate. She is the reason I’m here.”

-Liza DeAngelis ’15

“My dad went here. Post-Colgate, he started his own start up company, V.R. Business Brokers.”

-Tyler Swiggett ’13

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