Senior Reflections By Hannah Guy

I started out at the Maroon-News as a lowly first-year with Arts & Features, writing “In the Light.” Every week I would meet with impressive Colgate seniors. Over the course of the year I interviewed athletes and members of Greek organizations. It was a 500-word column, and while sometimes that seemed like 300 words too much, most times I didn’t think I would ever be able to summarize a senior’s involvement in that amount of space. How could I capture in 500 words the impact Colgate had on this student, not to mention the impact he or she had on Colgate? Now I’m limited again, but this time I have to decide how best to capture my last four years.

During my time on the Maroon-News, I’ve gotten the opportunity not only to detail the prestigious careers of Colgate seniors, but also to review concerts and plays, create 13-song playlists, pick winning (or not) NFL teams and give out sex and relationship advice. In my various editorial roles I’ve dealt with more than a few controversial writers, engaged in furious grammatical debates and taken out countless Oxford commas. But beyond the writing and editing, I’ve gotten to work with some amazingly talented and generally awesome people. Though I com-plained not infrequently about spending my Wednesday nights glued to a computer screen in the Maroon-News office, the truth is that I rarely spent a night in that office that didn’t involve copious amounts of gossip, laughter and fun. At the very least I was always guaranteed slices. I have to pause a minute to give Miss Katie David and our Commentary babies a shout out. I appreciate the fact that we all know way more about each other than I ever thought was possible.

Though you may not have guessed it from the first 300 words of this article (See, I’m keeping track), I did also have a life outside of the Maroon-News. Over the years I’ve musical theatred my way across the stage of the Palace Theatre and spent innumerable hours walking back-ward up the hill convincing high school students that they should come to Colgate. I even found time to study abroad in London. Throughout everything I’ve done at Colgate I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, work with and live with some of the most awesome people that have ever existed. I can’t possibly name everyone, but I have to give a nod to a certain freshman floor, the 103, my “London friends,” and Liz, Caroline and Caitlin for keeping things interesting and making my Colgate life what it was.

I always concluded my interviews by asking the seniors if they had any advice to impart to those carrying on at Colgate. Try as they might, almost all were clich?ed. When I sat down to write this column, I knew I would end it the same way and now I too realize that all the good advice seems to already have been given out. After thinking about it for a bit longer than it should have taken, I settled on this: be a little weird. Colgate people are way bigger characters than we give them credit for and that is awesome. Don’t spend too much time thinking about what others think (although care enough to like, put on clean clothes and stuff) because people like individuals. You’ll never have fun if you’re predictable. And college is all about being fun, no matter what they tell you.

(Additionally, if there are any alumni in the New York City area reading this who are looking to employ a fun and outgoing individual proficient in Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign and SPSS statistical analysis program, my email is below.)