Avicii Storms the Field House



Last weekend, the Swedish King of House descended on Colgate’s Spring Party Weekend 2012 and shut Sanford field house all the way down.

For over two hours, Avicii mixed beats for a crowd of epic proportions that I am sure is still fist pumping and head nod-ding. Concertgoers were hardly discour-aged when forty minutes past his sched-uled start time, Avicii had yet to make an appearance. This only served to add to the anticipation of his arrival and, fi-nally, when it seemed like we would all be trampled to death, (and conveniently right when I left to use the Porta-Potty), the blonde 22-year-old rushed the stage and took us away. With lights blaring and smoke filling the air we enjoyed ev-erything from remixes of David Guetta’s “Titanium” and Kanye and Jay Z’s “Ni**as in Paris,” to his own “Levels” and “Fade into Darkness.”

As I looked around, I saw variations of what looked like performances of Native American rain dances, some in groups, a few people by themselves. And then there were those people who, although it seemed like their bodies could no longer stand to even sway or move to any kind of beat, simply could not stop dancing. The spirit of Avicii had overcome Col-gate. All in all, it was hard not to have a good time. Even if you’re like me and house music normally isn’t your forte, it was difficult not to succumb to the pounding of the bass in your very bones and get up and shake it a little bit.

Whether you recall the events of last weekend or not, I can tell you, Avicii’s performance was, hands-down, the highlight of the entire weekend.

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