Colgate Bids Farewell to Corey and Ann Landstrom

This spring, Ann and Corey Land-strom will each complete their final se-mester at Colgate University after nine years of service to the institution.

Ann and Corey have navigated a range of different jobs while at Col-gate, but currently Ann is the Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships and Corey is the Assistant Dean of Students and University Disciplinary Officer. Ann, Corey and their 11-year-old daughter Sydney will be relocating to Decorah, Iowa this summer, where Corey has been offered the position of Vice President and Dean for Student Life at Luther College.

“After the move, we will be liv-ing much closer to our families in Minnesota and South Dakota, which will allow us to spend more time with family,” Ann said. This benefit for their family life will be coupled with a great opportunity for Corey.

“This new position is kind of the culmination of my career in a way,” Corey said. “Luther is the reason I work in a liberal arts environment. In grad school one of my best friends was a Luther alum and I sort of picked his brain on his experience – that is the reason I started my career at Grinnell College, and I haven’t left the environment since. Also, this is a position that is right for me at Luther…the fit makes sense.”

Despite feeling excited about the move, the family will be sorry to say goodbye to Hamilton.

 “I’m especially going to miss hockey. We’ll be just past Minnesota, and there’s no hockey past the border,” Corey said. “This is jokingly true, but also literally true.” But their hockey fan status is not the only thing the Landstroms will have to leave in New York.

“We’ve developed some amazing friendships here, and our daughter has had a wonderful school experience,” Ann said. “I’ll also be sorry to leave this community of scholars, where you have faculty and administrators who strive for excellence in all that they do. It is exciting to be in an environment where you are connected to that and inspired by the connections you make.”

Boasting two lengthy careers in higher education, neither Ann nor Corey is a stranger to change.

“I have worked in higher education for 19 years,” Ann said. “I’ve worked in residential life, undergraduate admissions, graduate admissions, alumni affairs, career services and fellowship advising.” She has held jobs in a number of different institutions, as has Corey; but even within Colgate they have each filled a number of roles.

“I started in the center for Career Services as an Assistant Director,” Ann said. “I also organized a bunch of the endowed fellowships and the  summer funding. In the summer of 2005, I started doing fellowship advising along with law and grad school advising. Alongside this, I was also the health sciences liaison. In June of 2009, the fellowship advising was moved out of the Center for Career Services, and I was leading it to a stand-alone office of National Fellowships and Scholarships under the Dean of the Faculty. When I moved over, I also gained an advisory role for the Alumni Memorial Scholar Program.”

“Fellowship advising has been my most rewarding experience due to the deepened relationship you have with students as they apply for a fellowship, and hopefully the mentorship you are able to provide,” Ann said.

During her time here, Ann helped establish and directed the first stand-alone centralized fellowship office the school has had. She hopes to leave a strong office and a legacy of student achievement in terms of fellowships and scholarships. Likewise, Corey has held important and difficult roles, leaving an impact on the community.

“I was originally hired as the director of Center for Leadership and Student Involvement (CLSI), during the summer when the office moved up from the James C. Colgate Student Union to the Coop,” Corey said. “In 2005, one of the administrative advisors left in August, so I was asked to fill that role in addition to directing CLSI. Then I was asked to serve on the conduct board, and from there – when Dean Johnson arrived in 2006 – I came to oversee the student conduct system as the disciplinary officer.”

Corey introduced the points system for alcohol and drug-related misconduct this past year. During his time here, he has also worked to introduce a more educational role and strengthen the foundations of the student disciplinary system at Colgate.

“The board now really goes into the process of helping the student now, and learning from the mistakes that they have made, to help them move forward. We want to make sure that accountability is in the right place, but we also balance the knowledge that there is an educational role in there too,” Corey said. “But, as for my contribution, I’d kind of like to leave that for others to evaluate.”

Hamilton has been good to Corey and Ann, but in a certain sense, moving to Iowa is a journey home.

“We lived in Iowa 17 years ago. We actually got married in Cedar Falls, Iowa,” Ann said.

“We recently came back from a quick trip to Decorah to visit. The campus community is warm and inviting, and the town is very engaged with arts, culture and music,” Ann said. “We think this will be a great next chapter in our lives.”

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