Relay for Life Raises Money for Cancer Research

Alan Pleat



 Students, faculty and lo­cal residents gathered together in Huntington Gymnasium on Friday, February 24 to partici­pate in the Relay for Life charity event. Created by the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life has brought people together in order to raise money for cancer research in America and around the world. Event participants took part in a number of unique activities over the course of the night. These activities sought to raise awareness for cancer and create an overall enjoyable envi­ronment for everyone involved in the cancer fundraiser.

Assistant Professor of Biology Engda Hagos began the event by giving a speech about how can­cer can and will be overcome in the near future. After the speech, participants were served dinner catered by Holy Smokes BBQ and later enjoyed a musical per­formance by the Colgate Reso­lutions, the Colgate Dischords, along with Swagged Up Squad. Perhaps the most touching por­tion of the event occurred dur­ing the “Luminaria” Ceremony, where the lights in the Hunting­ton Gym were dimmed and par­ticipants took a brief moment of silence to remember loved ones who had passed away because of cancer. This tradition at the beginning of each Relay for Life event serves as a way to repre­sent the hope that one day med­ical advances will make cancer a thing of the past.

“This event seeks to repre­sent the battle against cancer, while spreading awareness… the event is meant to be a lot of fun,” senior Bradley Martin, who planned and organized the event, said.

Martin suggested that despite raising awareness for a devastating disease, the format for the Relay for Life ceremony manages to bring together a group of people for some much needed social bonding with fellow members of their community going through similar struggles. Partakers got the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as a cake decorating competition and even a free yoga session by instructor Julie Wi­esse. A wide variety of members of the Colgate community could be found sharing laughs with their friends while helping themselves to a wide assort­ment of foods and drinks. The event drew to an emphatic culmination with a powerful slideshow presentation dis­playing the hard work, dedication and bravery of many participants and can­cer survivors at the event. People were encouraged to take a final lap in silence to remember those who had lost their lives in the battle against cancer.

Senior Dayne Weber, an organizer and participant, feels that the Relay for Life event is significant because it serves as a way for the Colgate com­munity to “celebrate, remember and fight back,” against the forces of can­cer. Moreover, the event was dedicated to all members of the community who have been affected by cancer.

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