Hollywood on the Hill

Hollywood on the Hill

I’m the world’s biggest showoff. If I do something cool or come up with a sweet idea, I immediately want everyone to know. Director David Fincher clearly shares these feelings, as his newest film, The Social Network, is simply Fincher trying to show us all how good of a director he is. The cinematography, editing, music and acting are all perfect. Every scene in the film has the audience intrigued and, more importantly, on the edge of its seat. Fincher’s movie is cast unbearably well.

Andrew Garfield, who plays Eduardo and is the next Spiderman, will likely win the Oscar for best supporting actor. Justin Timberlake kills it as Sean Parker, and the discussion about whether or not he is a good actor is over: he’s very good. Lastly, Jesse Eisenberg really made me believe that he was Mark Zuckerberg. The movie is so good, I’m going to see it again in 15 minutes and I’m going to do a play-by-play analysis of the film. I’m sitting in the back of Hamilton Movie Theater while all my buddies are sitting four rows in front of me, mocking me about how uncool I look with my laptop in the theater.

A few thoughts…

• I shouldn’t be this excited to see a movie for the second time. This will be more fun than any mixer all year.

• Rooney Mara, who plays Erica, is really attractive. Mark Zuckerberg, you screwed up big time.

• Finals clubs at Harvard seem super sweet. They are like frats on steroids, a.k.a. my dream.

• Why is Mark Zuckerberg wearing a Gap sweatshirt that every Jewish four-year old has? Grow up Zuckerberg.

• Harvard’s campus is lovely, but it’s no Hamilton. Pump up, Colgate. Pump down, Boston.

• The film’s score is quite eerie, yet still soft and loving. It’s like the music from Saw mixed with the music from The Notebook.

• Why is Mark Zuckerberg drinking seven Stellas on a Tuesday night? The Jug isn’t even open on Tuesdays.

• If Colgate got “Facemash”, the campus would go nuts. Imagine how angry girls would be when they were voted less hot than their friends or even worse, girls they hated. Almost as upset as guys are now that there is no drinking at tailgates. Shout out, Campus Safety.

• Finals Clubs are cooler than Lebron James before he went to the Heat.

• The Winklevoss twins could not be bigger bosses. Olympians, Harvard, 3.9 GPA and great bro style. They make all of us feel bad about ourselves.

• The background music in this is phenomenal. Can’t really say something funny about this.

• AEPi at Harvard reminds me of Blue Diamond Society? Do what you want with that…

• Note to all girls: Crew guys aren’t all like the Winklevoss twins. In fact, no guys are.

• Facebook really is genius. It is cool, slick, addicting and defines my generation. When we aren’t at parties or hanging out with our friends, Facebook gives us a chance to still feel like we are.

• I’m too intrigued to keep writing. By the movie or the Winklevoss bros?

• Line of the movie from Justin Timberlake: “Facebook will be the true digitalization of true life. Friends relive their parties and life online. We used to live on farms, then we lived in cities, now we are going to live on the Internet.”

• After movie thought: The Social Network isn’t about the creation of Facebook, just like The Godfather isn’t about the mafia. It is about a man’s desire for power and to be better than every other man in the room. And through this hunger for power, we usually lose sight of what is most important to us. Zuckerberg can have as many toolish business cards as he wants, but he lost his best friend and the four best years of his life – college. I’d choose college over money any day (though my dad is shaking his head in disappointment).