New Provost and Dean of Faculty Named


Come July, Douglas A. Hicks, currently a Professor of Religion and Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond, will serve as Colgate’s new Provost and Dean of the Faculty. Hicks, who has been at Richmond for 13 and one half years, will be responsible for over seeing the curriculum and the development of the faculty at large. Hicks’s wife, Dr. Catherine L. Bag well, a Professor of Psychology, was offered a position at Colgate, too.

“We were contacted about this position, and expressed interest,” Hicks said. “It’s a really nice opportunity for us both.”

Colgate President Jeffrey Herbst briefly explained the selection process of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty.

“There was a search commit tee headed by Professor Doug Johnson of the psychology department, and then the chosen candidates were brought to cam pus,” Herbst said. “I ultimately made the final decision regarding the appointment.”

Hicks, who will also serve as a Professor of Religion at Colgate, has done extensive research regarding the application and influence of religion.

“I study the role of religion in public life, politics, economics and the work place, etcetera,” Hicks said. “I also wrote on the issue of ethics in economics and on social justice and the community.”

As Dean of the Faculty, Hicks will have the ability to provide guidance to other faculty members and advise them on how they can become better professors.

“I love to work with students and enjoyed greatly being a teacher,” Hicks said. “But this new role will help the faculty to use their re sources to be the best teachers they can be.”

As a longtime professor, Hicks undoubtedly has the experience and knowledge to provide valuable advice.

Hicks will also work closely with President Herbst.


“We’re delighted to come up to Hamilton and to get to know the culture and faculty, staff and students,” Hicks said. “I look forward to July and to really hit the ground running.”

Herbst expressed a similar sentiment to his arrival.

“I am tremendously excited about Professor Hicks’s appointment,” Herbst said. “He has a deep combined understanding of a liberal arts education and administrative experience, both of which are necessary for this position.”

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