Sports Spotlight: Kaylee Fifer ’14

Steve Urban

Sport: Volleyball

Hometown: Lantana, TX

Major: Undecided

Why Kaylee? She recorded a career high 12 kills, as well as 38 assists in leading the team to their third straight Patriot League victory.

1. You had a career-high 12 kills, along with 38 assists in the team’s four-set victory over Buck­nell. What contributed to your production on the court?

The team passed one of the highest that it has all season (meaning almost all perfect passes), so it was easy for me to spread out the offense and create openings for my hitters, resulting in more assists. As for the kills, with the other side worrying about the hitters so much, it also opened up more opportunities for me to attack and be successful doing so.

2. Given that you are a setter, what do you take more pride in – those 12 kills or the 38 assists?

I think I take more pride in assists. The higher the assists means that the hitting percent­age is higher for the attackers. And if the attackers have a higher hitting percentage, that means I gave them one-on-ones and more opportunities to score.

3. The team struggled in the second set after cruising to a victory in the first set. How important was it for the team to come out and win that third set as decisively as you did?

It was extremely important for us to do so. Coming back out we wanted to set the tone that we were focused and winning the match, and in beating a team like we did in the third set, I think we successfully achieved our goal.

4. The team has posted a strong record at home this year. Does playing in front of the hometown crowd make a difference in the team’s mindset?

Playing at home, and especially with fans that are as involved as ours are, provides a great advantage for us. We do not have to travel, which is always a plus getting to sleep at home, and being in the gym we are used to helps a great deal.

5. The team has posted a strong record in the first half of Patriot League play so far. What are you gals going to have to do to maintain your success in the second half of Patriot League play that starts in a couple of weeks?

As a team, we are going to have to stay focused on the team and games ahead of us and not jump too far ahead. We are also going to need to stay flexible with our positions and ready for anything that comes our way.