Sports Spotlights: Gavin McCarthy ’14

Sport: Football

Hometown: Jefferson Township, NJ

Major: Undecided

Why Gavin? Led the team to an OT victory and scored two touchdowns against Albany.

1. What changed at halftime that caused you guys to get back into the game?

There wasn’t a lot to change at halftime. We had a few unfortunate mishaps on defense in the first half, but the defense played extremely well in the second half to give us the chance to come back and get the victory.

2. Given that this was your first career colle­giate start, were there any pre-game nerves? Or did you feel that Coach Biddle had implemented a game plan that you felt comfortable executing?

There definitely were a few pre-game nerves, but I was very prepared for the game and knew what I would be seeing. The coaches prepared the team and me very well during the two weeks of preparation we had. It also helps when you have the people around you like I do. Having Nate Eachus and the offensive line that we have helps me answer a lot of the questions I have on the field. Being able to hand the ball to Nate definitely takes a lot of pressure off me and opens up the pass game a lot more.

3. In a game that felt like it would come down to the last possession, did you feel you guys could move the ball down whenever you wanted?

We as an offense felt like the plays we were running were the plays that would put us in the best opportunities. We didn’t have too much trouble moving the ball during the game because everyone executed and did their assignments, so we knew we had a great chance of winning.

4. What was going through your mind in the huddle prior to that 3rd

and 10 conversion that set up the winning touchdown in overtime?

The play that was called we had already ran a couple of times, so I knew someone would be open. I just wanted to give my receivers a chance to make a play on the ball to whoever I threw it to and Dan Basil made a great catch and got us the first down.

5. Your Patriot League schedule kicks off against Holy Cross this week. Any special preparation going in to this game given that it is a league contest?

We are preparing for this game like any other game. We have the mentality of taking it one game at a time. Everyone knows how important this game is, but we keep that in the back of our minds.

Interview by Steve Urban