Year in Review: SGA VP Lists 39 Things SGA Has Done This Year

After a year of dedicated service to Colgate, Liz Brodsky and I are extremely proud of the work and accomplishments of the Student Government Association (SGA). Over the past eight months, the school has seen a number of dra­matic policy changes. Amended, approved and sometimes proposed by the SGA, these changes include the passage of a new point system for alcohol and drug violations and the implementation of the Good Samaritan and Medical Am­nesty policies. One policy change that we are particularly proud of is the introduction of credit for non-paying internships, which gives students infinitely more options as they explore different career paths.

Outside of the policy realm, the SGA has been instrumental in bringing Zip Cars to Colgate, improving the Cruiser schedule and adding Cruiser signage and promoting green initiatives on campus. We have worked hard to advocate on behalf of the students, to bridge the gap between the stu­dent body and the administration, and to achieve the goals laid out in our platform.

It has been both an honor and a privilege to serve the student body of Colgate as President and Vice President, and we are confident that we have successfully repre­sented the student body’s will in all of our endeavors, while simultane­ously making a lasting impact on the University that we love. I can say with complete confidence that our achievements would be far more limited in number if not for our incredible executive board staff and the hard work of our school’s dedicated senators. We owe a debt of gratitude for their service.

Below is a list of SGA achievements since our term began in August. One of our primary goals was to dispel the myth that the Student Government Association is inefficient, and doesn’t actually do anything.

It is our hope that this list brings to light the important work that the SGA has done this year, and encourages other driven students to participate in student government. Our school is a unique and special institution, with outstanding academics, rich traditions, world-class faculty and motivated, diverse students.

We would like to wish the next SGA President and Vice President the best of luck in achieving their goals, and in continuing the tradition of excellence that spans over the 190 year history at Colgate University.

What we have accomplished in SGA this year:

1. Represented the student body by speaking at first-year commencement and the inauguration of President Herbst.

2. Passed and implemented the points system for drug/alcohol violations.

3. Implemented the Medical Amnesty program.

4. Implemented the Good Samaritan program.

5. Proposed and passed credit for internships in the Senate, Academic Affairs Board and Faculty Meeting, thereby making it policy and new catalog language.

6. Produced and distributed Jug jacket labels.

7. Kept cable at Colgate.

8. Brought Zip Cars to campus: (a) Purchased signage for the Zip Cars, (b) Appointed a point-person to help devise a marketing strategy for Zip Cars.

9. Revised the Cruiser schedule

10. Created new signs and schedules for the cruiser.

11. Interviewed and chose the new members of the Budget Allocation Committee.

12. Conducted a campus-wide survey of student needs, generating over 800 responses and over 300 comments. Results were distributed amongst the administration and used in a wide variety of ways.

13. Kept having an on-campus car free.

14. Amended the bylaws with regards to Senate proxies, forcing senators to report their proxies at least 12 hours before Senate, thereby making them more accountable.

15. Began fixing the SGA recognized groups system by weeding out dysfunctional groups and requiring updated constitutions.

16. Looked into the option of getting GPS’s for the Cruiser.

17. Looked into bringing a Redbox or other movie rental systems to campus.

18. Looked into social networking possibilities for SGA groups.

19. Publicized our achievements in the Maroon-News and through the SGA blog.

20. Publicized the Global Calendar.

21. Fostered relationships with the Maroon-News and proposed a permanent Maroon- News/SGA liaison.

22. Helped distribute recycling bins to all residence halls on campus.

23. Amended the SGA Presidential/Vice Presidential election process by making Senate elections the same day.

24. Instituted a policy of paying the Liaison/Vice President next year, ensuring the best candidates possible.

25. Facilitated communication between ALANA and SGA by creating a permanent ALANA liaison on the executive board.

26. Proposed and discussed options for renovating the O’Connor Campus Center (COOP) and Frank

27. Implemented a “Take a number” system in the COOP.

28. Renovated the SGA board in the COOP in order to better inform students about the activities of SGA.

29. Held an open forum with Chief Ferguson to discuss issues surrounding Campus Safety.

30. Changed the rules for getting credit for summer classes with the Academic Affairs Board.

31. Worked with ADAC (?) to improve the social options for students off campus

32. Improved the bylaws for accession of SGA funds by the Executive Board.

33. Helped fund the Donovan’s Pub re-opening party.

34. Purchased and distributed “These Come from Trees” stickers to help cut down on paper waste.

35. Extended the gym hours on the weekends.

36. Held an open forum with Dean Johnson to discuss the new Residential Education Two document.

37. Funded a screening of “Planet Earth” in the Visualization Lab for the “13 Days of Green.”

38. Conducted a survey to try to improve Career Services and used the results to col­laborate with the director of Career Services to improve student access for next year.

39. Interviewed and selected candidates for the Student Conduct Board.