B.o.B.Concert Moved to Sanford Field House

B.o.B.Concert Moved to Sanford Field House

Spring Party Weekend’s headliner, the rapper B.o.B., will be performing indoors this weekend due to inclem­ent weather conditions. The deci­sion, made Wednesday by the Spring Party Weekend Executive Commit­tee, reflects worries that the weather extremes typical of the Hamilton climate would put a damper on the Spring Party Weekend performance.

Sophomore Markie Cohen, a member of the Spring Party Week­end (S.P.W.) Executive Commit­tee, explained the hazards involved with holding an outdoor concert in Hamilton, particularly one of this size.

“Looking at Hamilton weather, it is not predicable in any way. Light­ning is a major issue,” Cohen said.

Allyson Poulos, a senior and presi­dent/leader of the S.P.W. committee, echoed Cohen’s concerns.

“We made the decision based on the weather forecast,” Poulos said. “We just didn’t think having a concert weather would be enjoyable for anyone. The nice thing about hav­ing it inside Sanford is that we can also bring all of the inflatables and food inside.”

The committee was forced to make the decision by Wednes­day at noon in order to give the production company, BSI Pro­ductions, enough time to begin constructing the stage and other elements of the performance.

“There is going to be a light show, food, etc. so the production company needed to know,” Cohen said. “The good thing is that B.o.B. typically performs indoors anyway.”

Cohen also dismissed concerns that Sanford Field House, where the concert is now being held, will create a capacity issue. Cam­pus Safety reports that capacity for the B.o.B. concert in Sanford Field House will be 5,000 people – more than enough to hold all Colgate students.

“‘Gate Cards may have to be checked if capacity becomes an issue. It shouldn’t, though,” Cohen said.

Though the move breaks with the tradition of celebrating Spring Party Weekend outdoors, Poulos feels that people can have just as much fun indoors and that B.o.B. will still be a significant draw for Colgate students.

“We still expect a large turnout for B.o.B., and even though it’s not ideal, we still think students will enjoy all of the food and other activities,” Poulos said.

Cohen couldn’t say whether the move will provoke other Spring Party Weekend events to seek alternate locations.

“The Spring Party Weekend Task Force isn’t in charge of [other events]. Giants of Sci­ence might be held under a tent though,” Cohen said.

First-year student Cynthia Ku­mar thought the move indoors was fine, but did pose a problem.

“I’ve heard that B.o.B. does most of his concerts indoors anyways,” Kumar said. “My only problem with it is that people get really aggressive at these events, so with everyone contained in this small space – there are going to be a lot of incidents.”

B.o.B. will be performing in the Sanford Field House at 4:00 p.m. this Saturday.