Colgate Inn Re-Opens

Colgate Inn Re-Opens

The Colgate Inn reopened its doors on April 1, after closing for four months to complete renova­tions. The extensive renovations, involved moving the tavern and doubling its size, renovating and refurbishing every room and shrinking the number of rooms while expanding the guest capac­ity. These efforts are an investment based on providing a better experi­ence to visitors to Hamilton, and encouraging travelers to spend more time in the community.

The Board of Trustees approved the project after carefully weighing the costs and the need to invest in downtown Hamilton. Ultimately, the Board felt that the renovations would bring much needed func­tional upgrades to the Inn’s facilities and equipment, while also provid­ing an investment that would pay for itself in the long run.

The general contractor was Hayner Hoyt, a contracting corpora­tion whose primary business is con­ducted in upstate New York. The in­terior decorator was Thom Filicia of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame.

Ben Eberhardt, the owner of Eberhardt, LLC, which leases and maintains operational control over the Colgate Inn, was excited about the reopening.

“We have several different open houses scheduled – one based around the block party for Hamilton residents…and others for trustees, parents and alumni,” Eberhardt said.

A major part of the renovations was revamping the structure of the guest rooms. Although the number of rooms has been reduced from 46 to 40 rooms, the net amount of guests is now a maximum of 300. Every room now has either a soak­ing tub and shower or a double-headed shower. Every room was either refurbished or renovated.

“We geared the rooms to­ward parents with prospective students – adding day beds, et cetera,” Eberhardt said.

The dining experience was also a critical element of the renovations.

The tavern was moved to the Payne Street corner and extends down along Madison Street. The bar was doubled in size and the Rathskeller stairs were moved into the tavern behind the bar. The kitchen has also been streamlined and modernized.

Other miscellaneous changes to the Inn include the addition of a service elevator and an off-street loading dock, expanding the parking lot and the addition of mattresses and local antiques.

So far, the campus response has been largely positive.

“The public response has been overwhelming,” Eberhardt said. “Around 1,000 people have come to take a look since it was opened.”

First-year student Mitchell Tucci was excited to experience the Colgate Inn for his first time.

“Since it’s my first year, I wasn’t really able to go to the Inn before it closed,” Tucci said. “I’ve heard so much about it, so I’m excited to try their food and see the dining room.”

Construction on the Inn will continue until mid-summer.