Mason Miller

Mason Miller

Richard Falvo, Maroon-News Staff

Junior and student-athlete Mason Miller has a passion for sports, friendships and academics. Born and raised in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, the small town feel of Hamilton suits him well.

Since joining the Colgate Community, Miller has become a member of the Varsity Men’s Soccer team, as well as the Colgate Christian Athletes Association, a club that is geared toward forming meaningful relationships with other athletes on campus. In addition, Miller has also recently joined Colgate’s Philosophy Society, a gathering of students from all disciplines of academics who engage in stimulating conversation.

Miller is a psychology concentrator with minors in philosophy and educational studies, and his career aspirations are quite varied.  

“First thought was a high school teacher; second thought was a clinical psychologist; also considering pursuing a doctorate in some aspect of social psychology or philosophy,” he said. 

It is apparent that Miller’s ambitions are open to limitless possibilities in the fields of psychology, philosophy and education.

At the moment, Miller enjoys his Recent Continental Philosophy class the most out of the four he is currently enrolled in, with Psychology of Leadership, Biological Psychology, and Inclusion and Special Education being the other three. Looking ahead to next semester, Miller will be enrolled in Psychopharmacology, Consciousness & Cognition, Dionysus versus The Crucified, and Theories-Teaching & Learning. His schedule will certainly be hectic, but it is apparent that Miller will be exposed to a plethora of new ideas and concepts that he himself is interested in pursuing upon graduation from Colgate.

This past summer, Miller took part in an intriguing philosophy-centric trip. The program, entitled “The Good Life: the Philosophy of Happiness,” focused on existentialist philosopher Soren Kirkegaard’s influence in Copenhagen and on philosophy in general. The program took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and proved impactful for Miller. 

“[It was] the most incredible experience of my life,” he said.  

During the trip itself, Miller not only formed relationships with other students, but also explored cultural differences. 

“I went by myself — not knowing a single person — on my own dime, just looking for a new cultural experience to share with adventurous people. I quickly became very close with my floormates and classmates, and we did so many fun things together,” Miller said. 

The trip will be a lasting memory for Miller, one which will take him far beyond his years at Colgate.