Around the Hill: What is one thing to look forward to and one thing to worry about Carlos Beltran rejoining the New York Mets as their new manager?

Ben Polikoff, Maroon-News Staff

The Beltran hire was considered an odd one due to the fact that the Mets are transitioning into their second consecutive manager with no experience from a prior team. However, I believe Beltran is heading into a position in which he can thrive. It’s not like he needs to build this team from the ground up. With pieces like first baseman Pete Alonso and starting pitcher Jacob deGrom, the Mets should be playoff contenders in 2020. 

Beltran brings star power, something the Mets have not had in a managerial position in recent franchise history. Beltran will have the ability to attract big time free agents because of his great reputation throughout the league. It appears that the Wilpon Family has bought in and are willing to go over the luxury tax this offseason to make the Mets potential World Series contenders.

That said, I think one thing to be concerned about with Beltran is if he and the team get off to a slow start. The New York market is a very intense environment in which the pressure can bring out the best of people, or just be a complete killer of confidence. Mets fans are going to have a short leash with the team and the front office this year, as they decided to go with a candidate with no prior coaching experience.

Clearly, the Mets front office saw something in Beltran that they did not see in candidates Joe Girardi or Eduardo Perez. In the end, however, there is not much pressure on Beltran; the pressure is on Mets’ general manager Brodie Van Wagenen. 

Van Wagenen selected Beltran as “his guy.” If Van Wagenen does not get this right, then it will be very challenging for him to get another job within a front office. Beltran, on the other hand, will have opportunities to impress even if it does not work out with the Mets.