Hamilton Inn Under New Management



The Hamilton Inn, a staple of Hamilton’s hospitality and dining scene since 1989, has been signed over in a long-term agreement to Eberhardt, LLC.

Eberhardt, LLC., which currently leases the Colgate Inn and has total operational control over the building (which is under the ownership of the Colgate Inn, LLC,. which is, in turn, owned solely by Colgate University), will now operate both the Colgate Inn and the Hamilton Inn.

Owner of Eberhardt, LLC, Ben Eberhardt, whose family’s company has built a number of lodging and dining facilities throughout upstate New York, began leasing the Colgate Inn in 2004. Eberhardt believes the Hamilton Inn is crucial to maintaining the village’s economic stability.

“[The continued operation of the Hamilton Inn] is an important piece for the hospitality venue of the village in order to help make Hamilton grow,” Eberhardt said.

Eberhardt, LLC. took an interest in the Hamilton Inn when the property suddenly shut its doors in late August. The company had already signed a lease with the Metz family to operate the Hamilton Inn, and in that contract, Eberhardt reserved the right to purchase the Hamilton Inn through Eberhard,t LLC.

“I came down and started negotiating with real estate agents and the Metz family,” Eberhardt said. “And I plan to take the option [of purchasing the Hamilton Inn].”

According to a press release provided by Director of Administration Debbie Soule, the two properties are “distinctly different in character.”

“[The Colgate Inn] is a much more communal dining experience,” Eberhardt said. “The way this building is designed it can’t accommodate fine dining … It won’t have a formal dining room.”

“[The Hamilton Inn] is a quiet setting outside of the village for a more intimate, private dining experience. My very logical course of action would be that the Hamilton Inn continues its own pursuit as yet another regionally recognized landmark of first-class food, beverage and hospitality in that venue,” Eberhardt said. “The relationship between the two properties [the Colgate Inn and the Hamilton Inn] is very complementary.”

This relationship will be integral to Eberhardt’s future plans for the properties as the Colgate Inn undergoes extensive renovations and the Hamilton Inn changes owners.

“Our beer selections are our focal point at the Colgate Inn and our focus up there is the wines,” Eberhardt said. “We’re also going to try and use local products as much as we can.”

However, Eberhardt’s biggest priority is maintaining the Hamilton Inn’s character.

“The Hamilton Inn has a very good reputation on its own and we hope to continue that experience,” Eberhardt said.

The Hamilton Inn is currently open for reservations and has begun accepting customers. The dining facility will re-open once Eberhardt, LLC’s application for a liquor license has been accepted.