Dine or Decline: Poolville Country Store



As Family Weekend is quickly approaching, I set out to find the per­fect place to bring visiting parents. I began looking for someplace close that provides quality food that upperclassmen are most likely not cooking for themselves and Frank is failing to serve. These types of luxury foods include seafood, select cuts of meat other than chicken and innovative uses of vegetables. Such a search led a group of four friends and my­self to the Poolville Country Store (1245 Earlville Rd, Earlville NY). Located less than ten minutes from campus, this quaint restaurant offers an intimate and enjoyable dining ex­perience, enhanced by warm mood lighting and a cozy homelike feel.

The menu is short, but consists of a wide range of options that re­sulted in an evening of firsts for my friends. The appetizers composed of multiple seafood options and sal­ads that ranged in price from seven to ten dollars. Despite the smaller menu, choosing our meals proved to be a difficult feat. The tempt­ing entrees included filet mignon, lamb, quail, duck and a fish of the day, all delicacies that are impossible to find in the campus dining halls. These dishes cost between $22-$28. The menu also included numerous gluten free options. After some discussion, we were ready to order.

The waiter brought out a basket of herb bread that everyone agreed was delicious. One of my friends tried the soup du jour, a tomato bisque, which she described as creamy and delicious. Another friend and I decided to split the white polenta fries that were smothered in a creamy gorgonzola sauce. This was my first time having polenta fries, and it will definitely not be the last. The fries resembled steak fries in shape, but were far more delicious than their potato counter­parts. They had a perfectly crunchy outside and a soft center that were complemented by the smooth rich sauce that was drizzled on the top.

Once our entrees arrived, the rave reviews continued. One friend ad­venturously tried the quail that was braised with a white balsamic vin­egar glaze, served with butternut squash and mashed potatoes. She had never had quail before, so she could not compare the meal to a previous experience, but she enjoyed the dish nonetheless. The mashed potatoes were deemed excellent and subsequently tried by everyone at the table.

My meal consisted of pulled duck over fettuccini and a mix of mush­rooms, spinach, walnuts and gorgonzola cheese. This was a rich and satisfying dish that proved to be the ultimate com­fort food. I was delighted to find that all the ingredients acted as equals, rather than being a plate of pasta with a few sparse ac­cents. However, the pasta was cooked a little too al dente for my taste. However, the overall rich flavor made this flaw neg­ligible. Another friend enjoyed the shrimp scampi and angel hair entrée and had no complaints. The dish was loaded with shrimp, sundried tomatoes and capers. The buttermilk fried chicken was given similar positive reviews, and of course the accompanying mashed potatoes were quickly devoured.

Overall, the Poolville Country Store was a great dining experience that comes highly recommended as a place to take your parents during family weekend. The large portions left all dinner attendees sat­isfied and too full for dessert, despite the temptation of the delicious looking dessert menu. However, we were all delightfully surprised by the delicious comple­mentary truffles that accompanied our check and doggie bags. This typical enjoyable experience at the Poolville Country Store makes the bed and break­fast a popular choice for events such as family weekend. I highly recommend making reservations as soon as possible before it is overbooked. I was also informed that there will be a limited menu that weekend in preparation for the large crowds. If you are unable to visit during family weekend, make sure you keep this restaurant in mind next time your parents are in town!