Letter to the Editor: R-E-S-P-E-C-T



As anyone spending time here quickly learns, the lives of Colgate University and the town of Hamilton are inseparable. The university offers a hive of economic activity benefiting the town and the school basks in the beauty and safety of one of the prettiest areas of America. Unfortunately, it is not all win-win.

The annual invasion of 2,800 students into a town of around the same population can strain the goodwill of even the biggest local Raiders supporter. Think noisy frat parties, weekend litter, game day traffic, college pranks and, more seriously, theft and vandalism. We students use town services, but do not pay local property taxes. We enjoy the public spaces, but we do not bear the responsibilities for maintaining them.

Colgate students need to remember that, when we come to Hamilton, we are entering the home of town residents. We need to act as polite guests, respectful of the people, businesses and properties that are here when we arrive and will remain when our college days are just a memory. With a little effort, our time in Hamilton can be a win-win for everyone.