Hamilton Inn Closes Doors

The Hamilton Inn, a popular dining and lodging location in Hamilton, has recently closed its doors under curious circumstances.

The move came as a surprise to several visitors who had not been notified of the closing prior to their arrival. James Gleason, the father of a Colgate alumnus, made dinner reservations at the Hamilton Inn only to find that the Inn had closed three days prior.

“[My son and I] were looking forward to dining with my wife and his girlfriend,” Gleason said. “Alas there was no last supper…just a locked door.”

A representative of the Inn was unavailable for comment. The phone line at the Inn rings with no answer or recording.

The Hamilton Inn, located on East Lake Road, was one of 13 lodging options available in Hamilton and the surrounding area. It also served as a popular dining option for private parties and events since the inn opened its doors in 1989.

Available rooms for parents of Colgate students are already hard to come by during peak visiting times such as Family Weekend in October and Commencement in May. With one less place to stay, visitors to Hamilton will need to adjust accordingly.

The Colgate Inn, another popular lodging destination in Hamilton, will begin renovations to its facility in the coming weeks which include the several new suites.