Colgate Sports 2009-2010 Most Valuable Players: Pat Simonds ’10

Colgate Sports 2009-2010 Most Valuable Players: Pat Simonds 10

Sport: Football

Hometown: Sidney, NY

Major: Sociology and Anthropology

Why Pat? He spent his senior year absolutely dominating the Patriot League, and he leaves Colgate as one of the best wide receivers to don the maroon and white in the FCS era. He made two separate All-American teams, and was invited to participate in the East-West Shrine Game for some of the country’s most successful collegiate football players. Simonds hopes to continue playing football in the NFL next season.

In your senior season you tallied 66 catches for 1,012 yards and 14 touchdowns – 11 more receiving scores than the rest of the team combined. What do numbers like that mean to you?

“Numbers really don’t mean much to me and I’m sure the same holds true with most of my teammates. If we can contribute to helping the team win then it doesn’t really matter what your numbers look like. I would much rather have won the League Championship again than to boast those types of numbers.”

You made the 2009 Sporting News All-America Third Team, and received honorable mention to the College Sporting News Fabulous Fifty All-America team. What does that mean both to you and to Colgate University?

“It is nice to be mentioned with all of the other athletes that have received those honors across the country, and hopefully it can help Colgate with recruiting in hopes of continuing their winning tradition.”

What did your experience at this year’s East-West Shrine Game teach you, both as a player and as a person?

“The Shrine game was a great experience for me both on and off the field, playing football with some of the most talented players in the country and proving what you can do as a football player against some guys from the best football schools around. I learned a lot from the coaches and gained advice that I can carry with me as I continue this process of making it to the next level. Visiting the young children at the Shrine hospital is a humbling experience and to reach out to them and brighten their day was by far the most rewarding part of my trip.”

The team as a whole had a great season, starting the year 7-0 before losing 2 of your last 4. Would you deem the season a success?

“It’s hard to say that finishing the year at 9-2 deems an unsuccessful season, but we didn’t reach the goals that we had set for ourselves, and losing two of the most important games of the year really left a sour taste in everybody’s mouth.”

What was your experience like at Colgate as a student-athlete?

“Being a student athlete at Colgate has been a rewarding experience for me. Earning a degree from such a high class institution and excelling on the athletic field has really set me up for the next step in my life.”

What has it been like preparing yourself for the upcoming NFL draft? Colgate does not always have players of NFL draft status, so has that changed anything about how you might prepare, as compared to some of the other eligible athletes?

“It has been an exciting experience but at the same time it has been quite stressful. Being away from Colgate to train while still maintaining schoolwork has been a difficult task in and of itself. With all of the training complete and the draft closing in, I am just anxious to get it all over with and to go and compete for a spot on an NFL team.”

Although you are graduating, what do you expect out of next year’s Raiders squad?

“I have complete confidence in next year’s football team. They have great quarterback leadership and I have faith that the coaches will put everyone in the best position to be successful, and I would expect nothing less than a perfect season from that hard-working bunch of guys.”