Amidst the shenanigans of Spring Party Weekend is one of Colgate’s most anticipated events: Dancefest. This semester’s show will take place in the Chapel at 7:00 p.m. on Friday night.

The theme of this semester’s Dancefest is Theater and Broadway, and each dance group has added their own interpretations to what that actually means. The show has a truly impressive lineup, including performances by Groove, Bellydancing, Ballet, Fuse, Caribbean Students Association, Korean American Students Association, Boys’ Hip Hop, Ballroom, Shock, South Asian Cultural Club and Kuumba, as well as a few individual performances.

“Colgate students should expect a very exciting show with many, many varieties of dance. All of the dancers and choreographers are pumped up because it is spring semester and this Dancefest really shows our excitement and most of the dances will get the audience on their feet,” member of Groove first-year Caitlin Cunningham said.

“I am excited to say that Dancefest as usual is going to be amazing. We have a lot of groups who are excited to showcase their hard work, with excellent hosts and great music to back it all up,” junior and member of Kuumba Benae Beamon said.

Groove is sponsoring this semester’s Dancefest, and is planning on putting on yet another memorable show.

“Groove is performing two dances this semester. All I will say is that they both are completely different and amazing in their own way,” Cunningham said.

Shock, another popular dance group on campus, has a lot in store for Dancefest.

“Shock is planning on dancing to a few crowd pleasers, including a boy band medley. The audience can definitely expect to be entertained, and to sing along! I think this year’s Dancefest will be the perfect kickoff to Spring Party Weekend. We are all very excited,” member of Shock senior Lindsay Simpson said.

This is the second year the Colgate Ballroom Dancers have been performing in Dancefest.

“Each year we attempt new dances that we think will excite and get the crowd pumped. It has been an interesting experience choreographing standard ballroom to more modern, lyrical songs, but we like to think we’ve succeeded at it,” sophomore Jack Daly said. “We’re definitely looking for everyone to get excited; the performance is the best part for us because we get to see how people react to a style of dancing they might not see everyday, since no one’s doing a tango at the Jug! I think, based on the response we’ve gotten over the last few semesters from the crowds, that people expect a lot from ballroom in entertainment value, and this year we definitely aimed high with our dances.”

Tickets for Dancefest will be sold this week in the Coop for two dollars each, cash only. Based on these previews given by only just a few of the groups performing, it is surely worth attending. So between Shwayze and Tramps Like Us, be sure to head over to the Chapel for some quality entertainment.