Brodsky and Newberg Prevail in SGA Runoff

After much controversy and many appeals, the long awaited election results for next year’s Student Government Association (SGA) President and Vice President have been decided and released. President-elect junior Liz Brodsky and Vice President-elect junior Mike Newberg were announced as the winners shortly after the elections closed at midnight this Sunday.

“SGA did a great job handling such an unprecedented and difficult situation,” Brodsky said. “Although the bureaucratic process took a long time, if the election by-laws and the SGA constitution and policies had not been in place, this election could have been a lot messier than it was.”

The election was originally scheduled to end at midnight on Sunday, April 4, but was subject to much debate as a result of deduction appeals. After much discussion on Tuesday, April 6, about the validity of the appeals, the SGA Senate decided not to allow the candidates to submit violations after the ballot closed. To determine a winner, the Senate decided to hold a run-off election between the Brodsky/Newberg and Weiss/Moy tickets.

Early on Monday morning, an e-mail was sent to the student body disclosing the election results. Brodsky and Newberg received 892 raw votes and 1.25 percent in deductions, with a total of 881, while Weiss and Moy received 666 raw votes and 1.75 percent in deductions, with a total of 654. The voter-turnout was very high in the runoff, with over 55 percent of the student body voting.

Now that the controversy has been settled and the winners have been decided, Brodsky and Newberg are excited about the opportunity to improve Colgate next year.

“[We] look forward to the challenge of improving student life for every member of our diverse student body, and [we] will work hard to fulfill [our] platform promises and to address any other issues or ideas that student might have,” Brodsky said.