Minus the City: Benefits of Just Being Friends

It’s Wednesday evening, your girlfriends are enjoying a night out and your boyfriend is MIA (probably with his frat bros). You don’t want to just sit at home by yourself doing nothing. So you decide to text one of your guy friends. After a couple text exchanges, before you know it, you’re watching the basketball game, eating burgers and fries and downing some cokes.

You’re having a blast. Hanging out with guy friends is a ton of fun. It’s completely different than hanging out with your boyfriend or your girlfriends. The things you do, the way you act; it’s different when it’s just you and the boys. So, when it comes to the age old question of whether guys and girls can be just friends, I say, absolutely they can. But, to make sure the friendship goes smooth sailing here are a few guidelines:

1) Go Out In Groups:

We know you and your guy friend have nothing to hide; your relationship is completely platonic. But, it tends to look like there is more there when a guy and a girl are alone together frequently.

Not only will people probably ask if there’s something going on, but other guys might back off because they think you’re attached. This is not to say you can’t ever grab lunch with your guy friend, but for the majority of the time, try to hang out in groups.

2) Try Not To Be Overly Affectionate

Although you have never looked at him that way, try to keep the touchy-feely affection in check. Touching of any sort is typically a sign of attraction, this could start to give him mixed signals about your intentions for the relationship. So, try not to give too many hugs or put your head on his shoulder too often, because whether you mean to or not, it could start to give him an idea of what being more than “just friends” would be like.

3) “Friends With Benefits” – Tread Very Carefully

A friend with benefits relationship is, to say the least, tricky as hell. For the most part, they don’t bode well for keeping friendships platonic. But, if you think you are both up for the challenge and will take on the necessary precautions, it’s possible. First off, keep it light – that’s what friends with benefits is supposed to be.

Making out is fine, but try to steer clear of sex – sex can be risky. Secondly, if you’re seeking out the “benefits” of a friend, clearly there’s a strong physical attraction between you two. So, you need to make sure that neither of you are emotionally involved. If emotions come into play at some point, stop the “with benefits,” because the chances of one of you getting hurt are pretty good, and it’s not worth losing a friendship over.

All in all, friendships between guys and girls are by no means easy, but are totally do-able. As long as there is a mutual understanding between you and your guy friend, it is definitely possible to have an easy, fun and stress-free friendship.