A Word From the Candidates: Max and Chris

Although we are both off campus in D.C., we are focused on Colgate and next fall. We know it’s that time again when we select new students to be our voice and to represent our interests to Colgate’s administration. Beginning next Friday, we will all have the opportunity to sign onto the portal to make our voices heard and elect the next President and Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA). We ask that before you cast your ballot, you give us the opportunity to tell you what we stand for and for us to listen to your ideas.

In the last three years we have served on SGA committees, the Inter Fraternity Council, College Democrats and Link Staff. But enough about us, here are some of the things that we will do to make Colgate a better place.

Just like much of America, we know that Colgate took a hit with this recession. But our tuition has not been cut and neither should the services we get on campus. We will fight to keep your library and COOP printing free and basic cable available in your room.

We all know how crowded Colgate can get sometimes during lunch at the COOP and during finals in the library. That’s why we want to bring a convenient and fast online ordering system to the COOP grill and salad/pizza bar. To help you get ready for that early morning exam, we want to keep Case Library open later during midterms and finals.

Another way we want to improve Colgate is to bring back outdoor graduation. With such a beautiful campus, should the most important event of our lives be held on the artificial turf in the Sanford Field House?

We also share your concerns from the Campus Climate Survey. We want everyone to have the best possible experience at Colgate. It is shameful that race and gender are such a large determinate of how comfortable a student feels. We know that SGA can’t solve these issues on its own. We promise to empower and include all of the voices on campus and to support the efforts of groups and individuals who are working hard to make Colgate a more inclusive place.

To learn more, go to www.maxandchrisforcolgate.com. And let us know what you think by sending us an email. We look forward to seeing all of you when come to campus this weekend.