A Word From the Candidates: Levitt and LaValle

Colgate is defined by the tenacity of its students. Our achievements as a community reflect our commitment to and enthusiasm for what we do. While the administration and faculty provide valuable support, the students are the lifeblood of this University. We have accomplished a great deal in recent years, but much remains to be addressed. We will evaluate recent changes to the Cruiser schedule, meal plan and Internet, while making it easier for you to provide feedback so we can respond to you.

Our top priorities also include: continuing green initiatives, renewing support for our athletes and promoting collaboration between campus organizations. We will increase awareness of existing funding opportunities, thereby making it easier for you to pursue your aspirations. We encourage you to review our full platform on our website and learn more about who we are through our biographies. We are confident that once you do, you will want us to lead your student government. Vote Levitt and LaValle!


From the moment Ethan Levitt started at Colgate, he has been growing into his role as a leader on campus. As a freshman and sophomore in the Leadership Options for Tomorrow (LOFT) program, Ethan studied and developed the qualities that make him a team player, a motivator and a leader. He finished LOFT in 2009 and has utilized his newly developed talents with increasing efficiency in his past year at Colgate. Ethan single-handedly restructured the failing Green Bikes program in one semester and was awarded $2000 for a new fleet of bikes to be introduced by Fall 2010. As the new student representative for Men at Colgate, Ethan helped create, coordinate and organize programs focused on modern masculinity and other campus issues, including the Men’s Response to the CCLS, Take Back the Night and The Fishbowl. He is also looking to bring a new mentorship program to Colgate next year in his role as student representative. Ethan is the current Scholarship Chair for the Colgate Inter-Fraternity Council and represents Theta Chi Fraternity on the IFC Executive Board. Ethan also has served as the Forums Committee Chairman for the Colgate Pre-Law Society. As a result of his campus involvement, Ethan earned the opportunity to be on the student interview panel for the new Assistant Dean of Campus Life.

In addition to his leadership roles on campus, Ethan has been involved in several other activities, most notably his role as a Spinning Instructor for PE classes and the Varsity Softball team. Ethan has written for The Maroon-News, played shortstop on the Club Baseball team, hosted a radio show on WRCU and performed in Dancefest where he will perform again this spring. Ethan is proud to be a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity, a Rowdy Raider and to have never been beaten in DJ Hero.


Eager to take on any challenge, Joseph LaValle has been steadfast in his commitment to improving life at Colgate. Joseph is currently serving his third term in the Student Government Association. As a member of the Student Affairs Committee, he helps to improve student life through legislation and various campus initiatives, most notably through his work on meal plan improvement and the campus unity march. For the past two years, Joseph has promoted Colgate University by leading campus tours and providing advice to prospective students and families both on and off campus. He also has spent countless hours in the Ho Science Center alongside Professor Frey, assisting in the research of flower pigments and genetics for over two years.

Joseph truly embodies the well-rounded Colgate student. He believes that full engagement in the Colgate experience involves partaking in a multitude of campus activities and groups outside the classroom. As a first-year, he excelled in the Outdoor Education’s Wilderness Adventure program and skated for Colgate Club Ice Hockey. Since then, his athletic skill has been honed through various athletic pursuits such as Club Badminton and Intramural Ice Hockey. Joseph is a devoted and active member of Theta Chi fraternity, helping those in need through his involvement in philanthropic events. An international perspective and second language was added to Joseph’s repertoire during his semester abroad in Spain. Joseph was also a Disc Jockey for WRCU. He is a Biology Major and an Economics minor. Joseph LaValle is an engaged student and has seen this campus from many angles. His experience at Colgate provides him with valuable perceptions on which initiatives will be desirable, impactful and, most importantly, feasible for you and your classmates.