Being Right: Hatred of America



When I read last night about the passage of President Obama’s health care bill, I felt a bit queasy. I thought it must have been a bad dream. I resolved to sleep it off and pray that it would all go away. I woke up in the morning, and things did not change. The Democrats had still gone against the will of the American people and passed a bill to socialize medical care in the United States. After reading both the contents of the bill and the dirty deals that it took to pass it, I could only come to one conclusion. The Democrats legitimately hate America.

Before this day, I tried to justify the Democrats’ actions in Congress. “They mean well, but they are just misguided,” was a classic excuse. “The Republicans in Congress are just as bad,” was another. However, the debate over the health bill showed that the Republicans are still willing to fight against big government. Meanwhile, the Democrats checked all morals at the door. They blatantly ignored the pleas of their constituents to vote against the bill. They dismissed Tea Party demonstrators as hate-mongers and radicals. The Democrats’ only goal in passing the bill was to extend the power of the federal government. The Democrats want government to become the caretakers of an increasingly apathetic population. They simply used the label of “affordable health care” to disguise their thirst for power.

The new bill makes health care anything but affordable. Business will now have to meet newer and bigger requirements for providing health insurance. Furthermore, the bill is filled with hidden taxes on small businesses. Corporations should be able to handle these restrictions with little problem. However, the new regulations will deal a crushing blow to small businesses. Skyrocketing costs and higher taxes will cripple investment and force companies to cut jobs. In short, a vote for the new health care bill is a vote for unemployment. The Democrats showed that they do not care about the progress of business. They live in a fantasy world where jobs are created out of thin air. They labor under the delusion that the economy does not need business growth to survive. Of course, the nation’s economy can only recover if businesses are encouraged to invest. Private enterprise is the only way to create permanent jobs. After the passage of health care, businesses are now forced to hold their money and hope that they are not run into the ground by insurmountable costs. Unemployment will continue to rise, and citizens will sink further into misery.

The bill simultaneously creates an increase in government spending and an encroachment into the rights of the people. The massive spending that will go along with the health bill will only add to the trillion-dollar budget deficit. For eight years, the Democrats criticized Bush’s penchant for heavy spending. Now, the Democrats are bent on adding to the deficit that piled up between 2001 and 2008. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid cannot continue to spend like high school girls at the mall and simply blame it on Bush. They will eventually do permanent damage to the nation’s economy. Furthermore, the bill forces Americans to purchase or obtain some form of health insurance. Never before has Congress regulated what Americans can and cannot buy, and the measure is clearly unconstitutional. In addition to its attacks on personal expression, the bill threatens to infringe upon the most fundamental right of life. Representative Bart Stupak, an ardent anti-abortion Democrat, succumbed to the administration’s pressure. He took Obama’s word that the President would issue an executive order to prohibit federal funding of abortion. Obama is radically pro-abortion, and there is little evidence to suggest that he would ever issue an order to inhibit abortion.

So there you have it. The Democrats have shown an utter disdain for the rights and prosperity of American citizens. Do not be fooled by their rhetoric. The new health bill does nothing but bad things for the nation. It tramples on individual rights, chokes business growth and spends frivolously. By passing this bill, the Democrats show a pure hatred for the rights of American citizens and the success of American business. If the Democrats wanted to increase access to health care, they would lower taxes on businesses. Such measures would stimulate investment, create more jobs and allow successful businesses to provide health insurance to employees at affordable rates. Yet the Democrats refuse to cut taxes and help the economy. Their only goals are to expand the sphere of government power and to destroy the businesses that make America the greatest nation in the world.