Baker’s Dozen: Abu Daramy-Swaray


Abu Daramy-Swaray

Senior Abu Daramy-Swaray has always dreamed of being a professional football player, and now that dream is within reach. Having soared to the top of Patriot League football, Daramy has the chance to make it to the NFL. Daramy is hoping for good health in his final season at Colgate in order to make this dream come true. However, he understands that he’ll have to navigate through a maze of logistics. 

“I know after the season, things will get tedious with trying to get an agent, finding places to train, trying out for teams and trying to get invited to the NFL combine or Pro days,” he said. 

However, he is excited to move forward, whether that means making it to the NFL or diverting to his back-up plan: coaching. 

“Coaching has been a passion of mine for a while because helping people develop and grow is amazing to me,” he said.

Through coaching, Daramy would seek ways to help impact people’s lives in a positive way.

“If I can help change someone’s life for the better, then that’s definitely something I want to do,” Daramy said. 

To see Daramy in action, look for player number four on the football field this semester.