Seven Oaks Clubhouse

Food Offerings: Good American food: classic sandwiches (French Dip, steak and cheese, and Reubens include some of their offerings), pasta dishes, and a multitude of salads that the diner can add salmon, shrimp, or chicken too.


Delivery: No, but takeout is available.

Location: 2 East Lake Road (Corner of Payne Street and East Lake Road)

Phone Number: 315-824-4420

Price Range: Moderately cheap to moderately expensive.


Quality of Food: Everyone has “their” dish at the Clubhouse, and few deviate from this standard choice. I include myself in this category, ordering the blackened chicken alfredo nearly every time I visit this establishment, no matter how much I may want to change things up. Simply put, this pasta dish is decadent. Blackened chicken and mushrooms mingle in a creamy, luscious alfredo sauce that is a little spicy, a little sweet, with a hint of Parmesan cheese. I dream about this pasta, and in a mad feeding frenzy during finals last semester I found myself trying to recreate this plate of Nirvana in my own kitchen (McCormick’s “Perfect Pinch” Cajun spice blend comes very close). I can only eat half of this enormous plate of cheesy, spicy goodness, and the leftovers make a wonderful lunch the next day. When I am feeling particularly decadent and have other ambitious dining companions, I like to start my meal with “Birdies,” the Clubhouse’s signature chicken wings. These wings are addictive, and I have no qualms about getting the soy ginger sauce allover myself in this fine, white tablecloth establishment. Seven Oaks also has its salad people: the restaurant offers fairly standard salads that come in larger portions and can be topped with grilled or blackened chicken, grilled portabellas, grilled or bacon wrapped shrimp, tuna salad, or grilled or blackened salmon. I have friends who swear by the blackened salmon, and the balsamic vinaigrette is particularly delicious, both tangy and sweet. Whether you are looking for a gluttonous splurge or a healthier dining option, the Clubhouse can cater to the full spectrum of dietary desires.

Décor: I would argue that the Clubhouse is the most scenic restaurant in Hamilton (not that there are many contenders for this distinction). Set atop the golf course, the summer, spring, and fall months provide the diner with glorious views of the surrounding mountains and foliage, especially if you can snag a table in the back glassed-in room. However, it is not a bad place to look at in the winter, either. Hunter green walls and accents of stained glass, along with wooden tables covered in white tablecloths give the Clubhouse an air of sophistication without being too stuffy. This is one of the most popular restaurants to take visiting parents (or other adults who are footing the dinner bill) and also a spot for the rare Colgate date.

Service: The service at the Clubhouse is good. The restaurant does not crowd in tables, so the waitstaff is usually on top of their game and very friendly. The servers will also readily split the check for large parties, a rarity in the real world but a blessing for its large student clientele.