Rogers Market

Food Offerings: Rogers is a deli that serves up assorted sandwiches, all made to order, as well as an exceptionally tasty kobe beef hamburger. There are also various hot offerings such as mac and cheese, meatballs and fried chicken.


Delivery: No, but all business is takeout

Location: 41 Lebanon Street

Phone Number: 315-824-3640

Price Range: Cheap to moderately cheap

Quality of Food: Rogers is a favorite among locals and students alike. The only deli in town with an exposed deli counter, Rogers offers various kinds of turkey, roast beef, ham, chicken salad and more. Everyone has a favorite Rogers sandwich, and once you get hooked on a particular order it is difficult to change your ways. The two combinations I flirt with are chicken salad with hot sauce, lettuce and tomatoes on a whole-wheat sub, and Cajun turkey, pickles, lettuce, tomato, sub dressing and American cheese on a whole-wheat sub. And those whole-wheat sub rolls: they’re made fresh daily, soft, and absolutely some of the best bread in Hamilton. Though the sandwiches at Rogers aren’t particularly fancy, their offerings are always made well and fresh. For those hamburger fiends out there, the kobe beef burger is phenomenal. Each is grilled to order, of mammoth proportion, and require at least five napkins because they are just so juicy. This is, without a doubt, the best burger in the village of Hamilton.

Décor: Rogers is strictly a deli, which means there is no seating. While you’re waiting for your sandwich to be made, though, take some time to peruse the selection of beer located on the back wall. You’ll find everything from interesting Belgian wheat to beer from local microbreweries located not far from Hamilton. You can design your own six-pack, or even purchase a growler.

Service: The service at Rogers is always exceptionally friendly. The customers design their sandwiches on slips of paper with options already typed out, and then the sandwich artists get to work, calling out your name when your order is ready. If the weather happens to be bearable, walk across the street and enjoy your sub on the village green.