The 67th Annual Golden Globes:The Sun and Stars Fail to Shine



For 67 years, the Golden Globes have been famous for kicking off the award show season, predicting favorites for Oscar nominations and providing unpredictable, inebriated entertainment for everyone. However, not even a room full of drunk celebrities could save this year’s Golden Globes from inevitable dullness. Though there were few memorable moments, all in all, this year’s ceremony was particularly lackluster.

The show was doomed for predictability as soon as E! began its annual red carpet coverage. Ryan Seacrest looked as awkwardly short as ever, and Guiliana Rancic was as irritably annoying as ever. The only decent correspondent was Jay Manuel, but his faux tan and silver hair was incredibly distracting.

 The celebrities themselves wore rather unexciting apparel. Julia Roberts was severely underdressed, Fergie looked like she was going to prom, Kate Hudson was ready to walk down the aisle in a cheap wedding dress and Drew Barrymore had a pompom growing out of her hip. The best dressed of the night belonged to Emily Blunt, who wore a gorgeous soft pink dress, and Lea Michelle of Glee, who wore a majestic black ballroom gown. Still, even these dresses will probably not be remembered in weeks to come.


Host of the evening Ricky Gervais certainly had the potential to cause a stir with his monologue, which was complete with insults that pushed the envelope just a little too far. Gervais attacked and poked fun at Steve Carell, Kiefer Sutherland, Angelina Jolie and even Mel Gibson. However, his opening monologue only lasted about four minutes, and hardly left an impact on the rest of the night. The rest of the 180 plus minutes were spent on uninteresting nominees giving equally boring acceptance speeches. 


Amidst the tiresome cycle of presenters, nominees and recipient speeches, there were moments that were especially painful to watch. Looking at the incredibly awkward James Cameron is torture enough, but when he actually spoke in the made up language of Na’Vi from his film Avatar while accepting his award for Best Director, it was altogether difficult to handle. 


Another unpleasant moment came when Chloe Sevigny was walking on stage to accept her award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV series for her role in Big Love. Unfortunately, a stage escort stepped on the train of her dress and ripped it, creating an embarrassing moment on live television.  The winner of the most awkward moment of the night, however, goes to Robert Di Niro, who made extremely immature comments about Martin Scorsese having sex with a movie reel.  It was not funny in the slightest, and probably just made everyone more uncomfortable than they already were.


     From the lackluster fashion, dull nominees and speeches and awkward jokes and mishaps, this year’s Golden Globes had hardly anything to offer.  And if this show truly is a forecast of the award shows to come, then these shows will certainly not be worth caring about.